Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding a Headshot Photographer in NYC

When it comes to a headshot. Paying for a headshot is worth it. If you pay peanuts, you can get monkeys. A lot of new models who want to be actors or girls who want to be models end up working with the weirdest photo freaks. And they end up with crap or embarrassed and naked in a bad way on the Internet.

Here are a couple ideas to avoid bullshit: Google "Headshot phototographer." Make sure they are legit and have a legit body of work. Hint: If he is shooting just glamour models bent over a balcony then his work not a professional. The photographer has to be credible, and know lighting. The photographer should be skilled in lighting because lighting does matter when it comes to a headshot photo. You do not want to over Photoshop your face because the shot is just to sadly dark or dim because the guy with the camera has no clue what they are doing.

Don't go to the laundry mat, and call the number on the bulletin. And sad to say you can’t even trust the headshot photographer listing on bulletins at legit printing sources like Adorama on 18th or Manhattan Color Labs at 4 W 20th St either. But do go there if you need portfolio prints.

For something legit I would try to go to a photography school and work with a student. I did it when I started out and had a good experience with SVA. When it comes to photos: the plan is to work with someone who knows the craft of photography. And judge their work before you take off your coat! Again, if the person is a professional

Or go to an acting school, and notice the boards there, (they might be legit but be careful again) or ask the girl at the desk if she can refer you to one.

It is also a good idea to find a photographer who shoots film. Digital is nice, quick and all but film still in my opinion bring best results and if the photographer can shoot film then you know he is pretty talented, I mean these days any screw ball with two hands, can point and click a digital. But go with what you want. Digital can be cheaper and better for a chick on a budget. You can pay anywhere from $100-$500 or more for a headshot. A decent headshot will speak. Your eyes will look vibrant and your personality will be seen within the photo, a smile is a good thing to have in the shot and you should not cake on the makeup. Think of the roles you want to get whether in TV, Film or commercials and target your photo around that. Bring sample photos or images so the photographer understands what you are going for. And get everything in writing. I have written before on photography usage rights and you don’t want to be screwed over when it comes to getting photos and payment and rights.

You can find a professional but remember if you hunt down good people you will have good results!



Stella Matilda said...

hi babe,
thanks for the tips =)

i read your post almost every week, its helps me to do something right hehehe... cos i'm not that tall... so yeh... thanks for all the advice =)


laura said...

Thanks for all the tips! It's exactly what I've been looking for. The headshot photographer. It's really good---far beyond than I expected!

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