Friday, January 9, 2009

Fashion Model and Commercial Print Model Wars

I understand in your mind holding a cell phone for a print ad campaign for a phone company or a typing on a keyboard for a computer commercial, or holding a curling iron to your head for a hair ad, might not be your first thought when you think of the word model, but for the shorter girl she has to let go of the fashion outlook.

I do not mean to bash your dreams, but you do have to forget fashion especially if you are short. You can still model and there is more to modeling than glamour modeling and nude modeling for the short girl and you do not have to become another internet wanna be model, but you can be smart about your next thoughts and steps and find your way into print modeling.

Print modeling is another term for advertising model. A model that is involved with products for ads and commercials. A print model comes in all sizes and shapes and there are legit modeling agencies that work with them. Do not get suckered into paying an agency for photos or unrealistic modeling hopes by an agent. Truth be told a short girl will not book a ton of fashion work or even print work consistantly enough to made a life as a model in the first week! You have to be realistic.

A big mistake girls make is thinking that it all comes easy, it all comes fast and that they will be famous in a few months time. This is not the truth of being a short model.

You will have a lot of work ahead of you, from creating photos, marketing yourself, submitting to agencies, and getting a meeting with one hopefully. It could take months alone, or a year until you get a meeting with a good agency. Then when you do the work is not over. You have to make a modeling portfolio and keep improving yourself.

It is a very hands on pursuit for a shorter model, nothing is handed to you.

If you are realistic and understand the pursuits and work that goes into modeling you might not even want to do this anymore. Don't let anyone tell you modeling is pie. Modeling is a tough industry, it is not just about being perfect and pretty, and it is not just about you. It is about the product you are modeling for and the fact that they need a model to hold it, wear it, use it, and model it.

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