Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fashion agencies invest in their Models-not Petite

Fashion agencies invest in their models. Putting money up for their compcards, housing, and portfolio needs.

Commercial Print modeling agencies do not. While a commercial print modeling agency is where a shorter model will find opportunties, she needs to have the right photos, the right mindset, and ambition.

Don't be mislead thinking modeling is easy. It isn't.

For a petite model understand that a commercial print modeling agency should be your goal and also understand the work that is involved after you mail your photos and get the agency meeting.

Commercial print modeling agencies -yes legit ones- will ask you to get your compcard together and portfolio. You will be advised on what to do, and the photos you need, but really it is a "figure it out yourself pursuit, and a trial and error pursuit."

Be prepared to do the work and make your compcard, give it to the agencies and be more in control of your pursuits.

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