Monday, January 19, 2009

Body Shots for Modeling Compcards

The right body shots look like an ad or magazine editorial, think glamour, marie claire, showing a bathing suit shot, or Allure magazine. Not bootyicious more about the product. Victoria Secret can mislead girls sometimes. I think a good body shot, shows the body but it is natural, not overly posed, for body parts modeling depending on the part you are showing you want to make it look like an ad. For legs, think skincare, panty hose LEGGS brand, Aveeno, Olay ads. For full body swimwear, I would look at Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue maybe, but I do think a smile can help to give your look a more commercial feel.

Being too sexy tells the agent you are only able to pose sexy and that you can't work with products or brands. So you want to keep in mind you are showing the agent that you can model the bathingsuit in a natural way, even with a smile, not a tease, and still make it sellable and intriguing.

If you go to FFT models (google it) you will see girls in bathingsuits in a more commercial way, so maybe the shots looked revealing but notice what they are saying and NOT saying... they should NOT be saying "I am so sexy and hot" they SHOULD be saying "I have a nice body and I can model."

It is possible to show you have a nice body and not be a slut. And that is what you want to do.

That is the goal of a girl who wants a body shot on her card, whether it be in a bathingsuit or fitness outfit.


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