Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amateur photographers make amateur models

With the internet come amateurs. This means a girl has to do her homework to not be misled into a mistake when it comes to working with a photographer.

Well, not photographer, but these corny “guys with cameras." These jerks who call themselves photographers to just pry women off the web who are aspiring models.

A way to know if the person holding the camera is professional is to listen to him or her.

If the person contacting you for a shoot via the Internet is typically a scam, also this situation can lead to mistakes, typically the amatuer photographer will not be asking you about your needs, and instead want to "help their own needs/ portfolio," and then you will only get shots that benefit their interest, not yours.

This can leave you with photos that do not help you or benefit you or lead you any further than a living room time and time again.

If the person holding the camera is not asking about what you need, what photos will be helpful to your pursuits, and if the person holding the camera is only thinking of themselves and what they need, then this is a clear sign they are not a professional.

The teasing title of a glamour internet model has really ruined the word model and for many amateurs these show off girls have meant more and more guys with cameras are stalking on the web. So be careful.

The photographer should have your interests in mind. Not just theirs. If your are showing up to work with some random guy with a camera, then you should question what you are doing.

Modeling is more than having your photo taken, it involves brands and magazines and a purpose for the shot, there should at least be a story involved, some good styling, something more than just some guy’s basement when his wife isn’t home. That is a sign of amateur-ville. If you want to be a model, a real model, you need to work with real professionals, real photographers and people who understand the craft of photography not just hold a camera.

Before you accept a photo shoot with an amateur think of your goals. If they are bigger than just being a show-off, hot tease, then you really should be careful who you let take your photo and the photos you present to agents, and really don’t…please don’t flaunt any badly taken photos on a website like or Modelmayhem, or Myspace…nope, these websites do not make you a model. You only interact with basically amateurs. If you want to model for products, brands, and magazines you do need to be professional. And know what professional is.

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