Friday, January 30, 2009

NYC Commercial Print Modeling Agencies

These are the agencies I suggest for a shorter girl to submit comp card to.

These are commercial print modeling agencies in NYC and some talent agencies. Many print agencies DO have height requirements, the ones listed below are still worth a shot. I also suggest looking at the agency website, if you do NOT see a girl posted that is your height then it is a sign that it is not an agency to approach. You do want to find an agency that works with models of all shapes and sizes. They are out there. So keep looking if you are having trouble. Or haven't heard back from your mailed submission. I also need to remind you to ALWAYS mail by postal mail commercial print agencies. They do not have open calls. It is best to get a compcard made previous and mail it by postal mail.

Copy and paste these agencies, or Google them, and look at the type of models they have and then work on creating your photos in a commercial print style the matches what you see. Don't just send a random photo, send what the agency likes to see and send a professional compcard. Only send photos that have a commercial print vibe, and mail, mail, mail on!


Lauren Green Agency:

Atlas Talent Agency -

Parts Models

Rick Miller Agency

Flaunt Models

Abrams Artists Agency

Arcieri &Assocaites, Inc

Clear Talent Group

Gonzales Models

Citizen Casting:

Reich New York Model & Talent Management


Some Casting Directors and Talent and Casting Agents:

Grant Wilfley Casting

Wulf Casting

Central Casting

386 Park Avenue South
Ste: 809
NY, NY 10016

Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick & Associates Casting

Dorothy Palmer Talent Agency, Inc

Liz Lewis Casting Partners

Amerifilm Casting

Donna Grossman Casting

Donna DeSeta Casting

Remember the modeling and acting worlds come together often. Besides mailing these agencies by postal mail your compcard or sending them your headshot and resume, I suggest buying The Call Sheet booklet, put out by Backstage. Go get this! It is a handy booklet of agencies and casting directors in NYC you can mail your headshot and compcard to by postal mail. You can find it in BN or bookstores in the magazine section under TV and Film magazines, $12.This video shares The Call Sheet:

Modeling is a tough pursuit, and it takes a lot of confidence, energy and time to invest.

Seek out your opportunities, do the research, be careful and good luck! :)

Aim high, try, and strive on!


P.s: Check out my books Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, on or (also the bok is an ebook too!)  In Short Stuff, I go behind the scenes of some of my modeling jobs and also share tips for short chicks as well :) Also be sure to download the Comics+ app in the app store for your iPhone or iPad, because my graphic novel Model Life is going to be an app soon! And until September 3rd you can get Almost 5'4" as an ebook in the US for $3.99! whoo hoo!

Unrealistic Modeling goals and facing the truth

A girl a little taller than me recently told me through Youtube inbox that she was rejected from an agency, she asked "Do you have any advice on what I may be able to say to sway them to put me in their model division? "

This was my reply:

You should not chase fashion as a shorter model. Instead focus on what you can Do.

The reason the fashion side is not accepting you is because of the type of clients they get. Think about it this way: The phone rings at the agency. It is a clothing company or magazine, they ask for a brunette or blond or whatever but they say, she has to be 5'7'-5'9".

If you do not fit in this height then in the fashion world you typically would not be booked by their clients, which means the agency is also wasting their time with you.

Commercial print modeling is the area to pursue as a shorter girl, commercial print modeling is about modeling lifestyle products that everyday people use. Have you ever seen an ad and the model was smiling? Have you ever seen ads for haircare, skincare, and jewerly, accessory modeling, handbags, shoes, etc, usually a height is not such narrow minded thing and you can find opportunities. So I would focus on making your photos involve products. Ask yourself if the photo show you modeling something, proving you CAN model. So I would focus on print. Haven't you seen ads for skincare, shoes, handbags? Cooking, furniture, computers, banks? It might not be the modeling work you want to do or get, but it is more realistic for you to pursue this area than waste your time dreaming unrealistically. You might never be a jet set model, you might never be on a billboard, but that doesn't mean you can not find modeling opportunities. Getting sigend is not the end all for a shorter girl. It should not be the goal. Instead it should be to grow your portfolio, improve your modeling images and market yourself honestly and realistically to really find some success.

First,I would focus on your photos and prove you can work with products, use what you do have to get ahead. You porbably have not showed the agency you can MODEL a product. Print models need to be able to use their personality to sell and represent a products image.

Also ask yourself if you have considered, hand modelnig, shoe model, parts modeling. I would spend some hours looking at magazines, from business magazines, jewelry, womens, (not Vogue-more Glamour, Marie Claire, Nylon), and notice the ads for all types of products in these magazines from shoes to even tampon ads and notice the models, their expression, what they are wearing and their will mostly see the expression is more "humanistic" their clothing is more "classic and can not be dated, their pose is more approachable, happy go lucky, in a good mood.

Remember getting modeling opportunities as a shorter girl is knowing what you are good for, knowing where you can realistically find opportunity and chasing it.

Make sure you are considering all you COULD do not just what you can't. Accept you are not fashion. Accept you probably won't ever be.

Also a smaller print agency might be better to approach as a new model. And here is insight on being signed. Most print models are not SIGNED you might be surprised to know and being signed can actually be against you:

What is a modeling contract and do you need it:

Getting out of a modeling contract:

Petite modeling requirements:


P.s: find my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff on and, also you can find them as ebooks as well!  If you would like a signed and personalized book contact me through my website:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amateur photographers make amateur models

With the internet come amateurs. This means a girl has to do her homework to not be misled into a mistake when it comes to working with a photographer.

Well, not photographer, but these corny “guys with cameras." These jerks who call themselves photographers to just pry women off the web who are aspiring models.

A way to know if the person holding the camera is professional is to listen to him or her.

If the person contacting you for a shoot via the Internet is typically a scam, also this situation can lead to mistakes, typically the amatuer photographer will not be asking you about your needs, and instead want to "help their own needs/ portfolio," and then you will only get shots that benefit their interest, not yours.

This can leave you with photos that do not help you or benefit you or lead you any further than a living room time and time again.

If the person holding the camera is not asking about what you need, what photos will be helpful to your pursuits, and if the person holding the camera is only thinking of themselves and what they need, then this is a clear sign they are not a professional.

The teasing title of a glamour internet model has really ruined the word model and for many amateurs these show off girls have meant more and more guys with cameras are stalking on the web. So be careful.

The photographer should have your interests in mind. Not just theirs. If your are showing up to work with some random guy with a camera, then you should question what you are doing.

Modeling is more than having your photo taken, it involves brands and magazines and a purpose for the shot, there should at least be a story involved, some good styling, something more than just some guy’s basement when his wife isn’t home. That is a sign of amateur-ville. If you want to be a model, a real model, you need to work with real professionals, real photographers and people who understand the craft of photography not just hold a camera.

Before you accept a photo shoot with an amateur think of your goals. If they are bigger than just being a show-off, hot tease, then you really should be careful who you let take your photo and the photos you present to agents, and really don’t…please don’t flaunt any badly taken photos on a website like or Modelmayhem, or Myspace…nope, these websites do not make you a model. You only interact with basically amateurs. If you want to model for products, brands, and magazines you do need to be professional. And know what professional is.

why a model needs an agent -it's Advertising

You need a modeling agency because you want to book work with top brands. These top brands use advertising agencies who then call on the best modeling agencies to provide the models for the ad campaign the ad agency is creating.

A modeling agent is a piece of the modeling puzzle, your business relationship is based on demand of the agencies clients.

This is why if you are short you should not submit to fashion agencies. The demand for shorter girls is not there. So you want to submit to commercial print modeling agencies.

You need an agency because the way marketing professionals and creative director’s book models is typically through the best modeling agencies. The agency will send over the best models they have to a casting. Or mail the models portfolios or images.

Think of it this way, an art director for an ad campaign isn’t going to be scouting the internet or some modeling website or Myspace for the face of a haircare ad, or jewelry ad, or skincare ad. They are going to call a modeling agency.

They call the modeling agency because they want a professional model. The mindset is a professional model will be at a modeling agency. Which can explain why agencies are so picky about the models they work with.

The art directors, ad agencies, client, brand, editor, -they don’t want to waste time or money, and they want to know the models they will book will be easy to work with and experienced. So the agency has the expectation that the models they work with are professional which means if you are not with the agency you will most likely never hear of this casting, or opportunity.

You need a commercial print modeling agency because although much of the work will be yours, and up to you, and you will make your own compcards and portfolio, you need the middleman, -the agency- to help you book bigger and better work.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making a Modeling Compcard tips

A girl recently asked me if the photos she uses for her compcard need to be professional or if they can be snap shots: Here is my reply:

You want to always be professional and show the best of you. Modeling is a business of image.

Only if the photos are decent and with good lighting should you use snap shots. And they have to show your face clearly. You always want to show the best of you not just ok shots. You want to show natural and honest shots, not just random photos.

This is my new compcard, I do have years experience, and I am in my mid-twenties, so I want to show I have a great personality, energy, and body but in a commercial way, to inspire work for ads for beauty products and resorts, and commercial brands and service, , so all the shots look like ads or catalog shots.

The shot with the guy is for a clothing company. I also show a close up beauty shot, and a smile. The smile is imporant. If you do not want to make a compcard yet, you could just mail some photos of your smile, and full body smiling. That is best - to a commercial print modelin agency. Unlike fashion there is not a set-in-stone requirement for photo style, but you need to show your smile for print modeling. You need to show your full body, in jeans, fitness clothing or bathingsuit, in a casual girl next door way.

You should visit and look at the models compcards that are your age to get inspired. It will help. Looking at examples help.

After you have some shots, I would mail a them to agencies. Postal mail.

If you do not have many shots you could make a headshot for now. It is best to show the best photos you can that will market you best. So think of the agencies you are targeting, think of the brands you want to work with and realistically can, and shape your photos and submissions around that.

Remember always with compcards you print through an online printing service like you should ALWAYS see a proof in your hand first before approving it, sometimes things can look different on screen than how they look printed. Lighting wise.


Payless: Modeling Shoes for Shorter girls

These are great shoes for castings when Spring comes. Right now in NYC it is freezing so boots are a must, but in the Spring these shoes are hot. Purchase online for under $30 at It is an online exclusive.

They give you an extra 4.5 inches!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Modeling Rejection Letter overcome tips

So, a modeling agency says NO Thanks. Now what?

A girl recently shared with me rejection letters from an agency, she wanted to know what to do next?

This was my reply:

The letters you have received are the standard "not interested letter". It's corny. And not helpful. But it is a good job that you even tried. Alot of girls do not even try.

From here I suggest:

Don't give up, hustle harder: Instead of crying stick your mailings and keep on mailing other agencies, print modeling agencies, talent agencies, production companies, others. Move on. Keep striving, it is bad to be stuck at a moment of doubt, in life...and during your modeling pursuits.

Focus on where you can find opportunties: Behind height, and measurements, you can still find modeling work but you should consider commercial print modeling where height,weight are not judged as muc has personality and having nice skin and energy.

Try to get some experience: When it comes to contacting brands and magazines. You should submit photos, snap shots, or your compcard to the photo editors. Large magazines do go through modeling agencies to usually find the models they use, but smaller magazines, smaller as in the distribution is not as widely known. Maybe a local magazine, or a weekly magazine, would be more willing to work with a model who submits her own photo.

When it comes to contacting brands and small biz owners:
I always think it is better to go to a craft show, or tradeshow, or into the salon, and ask if they need models or who is the marketing person you can speak to.

When it comes to contacting big brands: it is highly unlikely that the brands will work with you without any experience and without quality photos that fit tell them you can fit the style of their brand. however contacting the marketing department is a good start. Most brands want to work with professional models. They go to agencies because they will most of the time get a very professional model, who knows how to pose and who can get the job done in the matter of time they need it done. As a model I have even had to 'come up with the next shot idea" on the spur of the moment during a job when everyone, the art director, photographer, assistant were all stumped modeling isn't just about you, it is about what you can do as a model, and showing you can get the job done.

Little credits can become big ones. So I would try to contact local brands, brands and small biz owners based in your area. Ask if they need a model. Try to get some quality photos, and always think of the goals you have and how each step you take can lead you there. Grow from your experiences.

Years ago I modeled for a handbag designer and to this day we are great friends, and when she gets buzz on her brand, and usually the shot that is used is of me, which helped when I was growing as a model when I started years ago.

It is hard to manage yourself, your goals, and especially at your age. But you can contact small marketing companies, prodution companies, fashion schools, you can start right in your city by taking little steps and trying. It means more to send a photo and a tearsheet to an agency from a good magazine-even if it is small_than just your photo and a clueless mindset. It is a good idea to be smart and to be able to manage yourself. You always want to. You don't ever want to let someone else control you.

Are you photos selling you in the right way?: Does your photography need work? I also think you should ONLY work with professional photographers. There is alot of hands on work that a girl who wants to model has to endure, it is best to ONLY work with people who understand the craft of photography, the business, and who have goals or credibily acomplishments themselves. My first tearsheets and modeling jobs came from my own will and effort and also by working with a photographer who worked with magazines and he thought of me for a job with Woman's World and that is how I got my first tearsheet and that tearsheet helped me get print modeling agencies working with me. You should mail the photo editors at magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour, etc, it is always good to share in the letter your interests and other goals. You play sports, or something you like to do, a passion of yours. TeenVogue has a program called IT Girls and they have modeling castings sometimes. Yes write a short hand written letter. I think handwritten leaves more of a mark.

When it comes to getting an agency working with you remember:

1. A photo alone doesn't always tell an agency/agent or booker that you can model, it just means your cute,pretty, etc or certain size, it doesn't mean you can model. So sometimes it is a very good idea to try to get your own work if possible in a professional manner, such as, modeling for an aspiring handbag designer, jewelry designer, hair salon, etc.

2. I suggest if you do use the internet that you are VERY careful, and when you are looking for photographers, go to a photography school or somewhere professional, DO NOT waste your time with internet photographers.

3. Don't rack up your Google stats with online modeling pursuits. It doesn't sell you to legit modeling agencies who could careless about the online contest you won last week.

4. Work on your marketing material and get some made: I make my own compcards, give them to my agencies, and I work with top brands, I recently leg modeled for Nine West, and the Easy Spirit shoe campaign out this Feb. But I make my compcards, I am very much apart of my pursuits. I do not wait or expect someone else to do it for me. Just doesn't happen.

Fashion world might be different but for commercial print modeling it is hands on work. So, think of jobs you want to do. Now think of jobs you realistically can do that this point. Keep your direction.

Remember many models are not booked because they are the most beautiful, etc, it is because they are available and time and place and step by step got them there.

These days it is not about being discovered it is about discovering you, for anything you want to do in life, work is the main word.

Also, most people, even succesful ones had a journey and ALOT to do with their own success. So don't expect it to come with one or two submissions. Move forward, look at all options and strive

The Body Part Modeling World

Tune into Model Talk Radio this week on Weds at 1pm EST. Isobella shares how as a body part model she models for top brands and magazines and how a girl can do the right steps to become a parts model. You can see Isobella's parts in the Easy Spirit shoe campaign, Bon Appetit Magazine, and her legs and feet have also been used on the Victoria's Secret website modeling the fit flop, she has also done shoots for Time Magazine, Braun Razor and was featured on TLC Stacy London's show as a body model.

Hand modeling and parts modeling photography tips

What ever modeling you want to try, you need photos that represent that.

Even for "parts modeling."

Parts modeling is using your "parts" to model products for ad campaigns and editorials.

How to prepare for parts modeling/hand modeling.

Even if you have never booked a hand modeling job, you need photos of your hands. I would google: Hand Modeling. But the shots are basic, and involve you holding products, I would also notice nail care ads, but also a hand model is used in a dish soap commercial as well. Jewelry, and even for computer ads, typing on the computer.

A hand model needs porportionally long fingers, but hand models come in all sizes of hand. Men and women. I recently hand modeled for Bon Appetit magazine March and April 09 issues, coming out soon. And you will see my hands within the shots that involve the yummy dishes and I am spreading butter, holding forks, scouping food.

I also recently leg modeled and shoe modeled for the Easy Spirit ad campaign out in Feb-May09 for their spring shoes.

I work with the PARTS agency in NYC for leg, hands, shoe and full body modeling for parts modeling. I do have photos that co-side with all of the "parts" that are able to be used in print ads and editorials in magazines.


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Modeling Marketing Ability is key

When it comes to getting an agency and getting legit modeling work you do have to do the work. You have to mail agencies your photos and if you never have done this. If you are only relying on the web or a website to make you famous or get exposed or using the internet to call yourself a model, then you most likely are not doing the right steps when it comes to getting a modeling agency.

Many girls contact me about which photos they should have, and how to submit to a modeling agency.

You have to send your photos to modeling agencies, and the best way is through postal mail. Then it come down to mailing the right agencies. This means the right agencies that work with models similar to you. If you are tall, 5’9” or taller then it is the fashion agencies you want to hit up. If you are shorter 5’7” and shorter it is the print modeling agencies.

The photos you should to print modeling agencies are photos that express your personality, and your smile. Having a great backside or full chest doesn’t make you a model alone. Maybe for a glamour show-off model, but a glamour model won’t be someone who is destined to model for years and years. Well unless you are Dita Von Tease, who is a burlesque dancer but she has an old Hollywood glamour appear but she became successful really because of her own marketing and her passion and spirit. Being successful in a business based on beauty, body and perfection, comes with having a strong business self, confidence, and a marketing ability.

Many girls think sex is all that sells as a model, and this is not true, in fact many models model products, brands and for services, banks, insurance companies, etc, and they have clothing on. So make sure you don’t just send bikini shots to an agency, and if you do send a bikini shot it is in a catalog style, not too racy.

A girl who wants to model, really should understand the advertising business and why models are needed and how because the world is more commercial, it means more different types of models are needed, but it still comes down to a marketing game.

A girl needs to know how to market herself, how to research and submit to the proper agencies with the right photos. It is key. The different between someone who wants to do something and someone who does is the will to try, and to try in the right ways with enough confidence to handle the disappointment and reality of being a model, not always a fashion model, but a person working with products and brands.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My new modeling compcard for commercial print

I wanted to share my new modeling compcard for commercial print modeling. Although I am in my 20's I have a young look, and I also do not look one ethnicity, even though I am a white girl- (I am italian and german, european) but I can look hispanic, mixed, I've even gotten being from Iran. I like that I can look many ethnicties and I put it towards my modeling pursuits. I was the lead in a latin music video for a singer named Elvis Martinez for Univision.

I also play up what I do have in the card. Notice I have nice looking legs, and even though I am petiet, they look long and photograph well. I also show my curves while wearing a dress in the upper right photo.

I included a smile shot and still showed my proportioned body as well in the lower left black and white photo. I think I will keep that one, however I do have another smile shot in mind.

I am getting the proof to look at in person, (mailed to me) this week from I suggest ALWAYS seeing a proof in your hand before you approve a compcard. Compcards are not cheap and even with less expensive choices such as you still don't want to waste money and time. I am printing 50 cards and mailing them to my agents and some lifestyle magazines and a few brands I want to work with, and getting feedback and then I might either order more or make a new card. I think it is important to make a few cards, try them out. Many girls give up, try once, and that is the reason they do not find an agent. They simply give up.

It is important to stay ambitious always, even when you have success.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Modeling Agency Rejection- how to handle it

A girl recently wrote me concerned about a reply from an agency that turned out to be a big fat friendly no. It sounded like an
This is what I told her:

To be honest you are lucky you got a reply. Most of the time you submit photos by mail, wait, wait, wait, and never hear a damn thing. That is the biz. You submit, the agency thinks about what they have been booking, what type of clients they have and they see if you fit in with the group. Usually you do not get a rejection letter, usually you just don't hear from them. Your phone doesn't ring, and you have to keep trying. Trying is a big thing. Just one submission to one agency won't get you an agency. A commercial print modeling agency is best for a shorter girl to pursue and with so many girls wanting to be models you do have to send the proper photos for consideration, such as:

A nice frontal face shot. Smiling. A headshot or beauty shot.
An energy shot, showing you doing something, walking a dog, running, in the moment, laughing.
A shot with you and a product, such as a handbag on your shoulder,-include a smile. Or you could also shot a body shot, fitness, or swimwear in a catalog style, not glamour.

If you do this, and if you are good about the photos you show and you are persistant with mailings and keep trying, submit, again and again, you might hear back. Might is a big word. Modeling is a competitive business even if you don't work in fashion. Modeling is about the advertising business/world. So think of ads and products you could represent and target your photos towards them. Be realistic, and strive. Modeling is a lot of work. Don't think just being pretty or cute, or having a few photo shoots is enough. You need the right marketing, maybe even a tearsheet or two from a magazine, proving you can model and inventive thinking and a marketing mentality. So be grateful for the no. And although it does sound like a automated email. I also think you need to buy a booklet of stamps, print a compcard, get some envelopes and mail, mail, mail more agencies.

For a list of modeling agencies see this past post.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shoe Modeling in Vegas

I am off to Vegas for the weekend. I have been to Vegas a few other times before, for shoe modeling for Brown Shoe.

Shoe modeling is a good gig for shorter models. You need to be a size six 6. Most short girls are this shoe size. Get some photos of your feet with a pedicure and also without in sandels, heels, etc and mail them to agencies that deal with parts modeling.

I was flown to Vegas, put in a hotel, The Mirage, and was paid to work. It was great paying and although I didn't get to really experience shows and sites too much because I was working all day I did catch some and it was fun.

This time it will be for vacation and I am going with my boyfriend to see the Miss America Contest.

Model Talk Radio What's Too Sexy for Models

Enjoy this segment on Model Talk Radio on how to show your body in a way that a commercial print modeling agent wants to see and how to make a compcard that works.

Click here to listen:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modeling and Marketing go hand in hand

Modeling and marketing go hand in hand. What separates someone who is working as a model with brands and featured in magazines vs. a girl who is just counting hits and clicks on her online modeling portfolio page? Drive.

Ambition and drive is what it takes to get anything you want in life. Sure, reality shows and all these glamour chicks on the internet showing off curves might make it appeal as if they got-it- or made it, or are successful, but not in my book. Success is what you are doing something that actually affects other people. Not just you.

In modeling and in life.

If you are struggling to find a modeling agency, find a better photographer, find what you need, then you have really think about what it is you have to offer, and focus on that and strive to share it and market yourself to the people who care.

Don't waste your time with fashion modeling agencies if you are only 5 feet tall.

You should be focusing on close-ups, and energy shots, smiles, and bringing your personality into shots, because shorter models are used for print modeling and commercials. But you have to show what you can model and your personality in your photos. You have to be persistent. Just one modeling agency submission isn't going to make you a star. Just one meeting, or one photo shoot. But if you are driven and strive, keep trying and can handle the hard work it involves then you have a bigger chance of finding the success you want to find.

Don't just make fame a goal. Have many goals. Don't just want to be a supermodel. Want to affect people. I hate how the word model has become to mean slut or girl showing off. It really upsets me. Too many girls has an unrealistic understanding of what it means to have a goal and chase it and become.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Easy Spirit Boots only $39.99

Love this purple Princess boot from the Easy Spirit line, on sale for about $40- pretty awesome color. Too bad not in my size. I like the style though.

I recently modeled for Easy Spirit 09 campaign. And this booty is so cute and on sale at $39.99, wow! Very slick. Keep it up.

What's too sexy for a Model Compcard? Video

This is an important video for girls wanting to be models. Unlike the glamour modeling websites on the internet a girl should be very careful of what she shows and especially her body shots. Sometimes the wrong body shots can actually turn off a modeling agent. Ask any girl who wants to be a model and she is thinking of ad campaigns, ads, commercials and big things but why doens't she get there? Well it comes down to the way she markets herself, presents herself and when it comes to what is too sexy for a compcard this video will help:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Petite Models Overcoming your Height

For petite models overcoming your height is a must! The main thing is knowing what you can do and chase it. Manage yourself, and know how to market yourself in ways that will get you ahead. It doesn't take simple one thing, or one person to make you a model, it takes YOU.

Overcoming your height means overcoming the word "Can't!"

You have to accept what you can do and chase it, you have to be prepared for the work.

Too many girls are calling themselves models before they even model anything.

A petite girl should not be looking for a petite modeling agency or an agency that accepts petite models, there are very few. However I do suggest Flaunt models in NYC, and FFT Models, for print modeling work if you a gir looking for an agency.

Your photos should be energy based, and show your smile and personality, no diva please. The height you put should be honest, 5'3", 5'2", but putting an inch or two taller won't kill you. Just look it in photos.

Being short is being short, an inch is not a big deal but 5'4" does look taller than 5'2" on paper/compcard. I think your photos need to speak bigger than your height, if you show your legs make it look like an ad for skincare, or shoes, work it!

Victoria Beckham Armani Lingerie pose mastered

I am lovin it. I love her pose, her sophistication, her chill mood. This is what a lingerie shot and ad campaign should look like. Enough of the lolly pop girls, enough of the glamour crap, I am so sick of these internet lingerie whores. Thanks Armani, because lingerie should only be shot in this way. Props to Victoria and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and who cares if she was photo shopped a bit, Jeez shut up people of the press and notice how great her pose is. I am sold! I would like to one day see Victoria design lingerie as well.

My Michael Antonio favorites-Great Shoes for Less

I love the styles and prices over at Michael Antonio.

These are my favorite shapes that I recently found on their website.

I love this Lime Yellow color, this is a very sophisticate shape of a heel as well. 3 inch heel. $38

This is a very fun shoe called Cammi. I love the color fade and the sunset look. It is only $37, not a bad price for a 4 inch heel.

I like the fading color theme for the Weller shoe, I have a blue handbag in this style. I am very into peeptoe. 3 1/2inch heel $37.

I am loving the knee high boot, it can make a shorter girl look longer. This is a hot boot, the Hublot, for $32!

I am digging this olive color and I also like how cute it must look with a tucked in skinny jean. The Jesabelle for only $38.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Soft Skin with Sonicare and Clarisonic

Dental professionals have inspired a skin exfoliator based on the brushels of a toothbrush. Ever exfoliate with a toothbrush?

Clarisonic is a brush system for your face. The creators of Sonicare® revolutionized the oral care market and are now redefining clean, healthy skin with Clarisonic.

Clarisonic is the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores. The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth your skin. In just 60 seconds a day, the Clarisonic micro-massage action cleans more than twice as effectively as manual cleansing.

This cleansing skincare system, removes makeup, reduces oily areas and dry skin patches and blemishes. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

There is a current Clarisonic that will make a donation to help fund the fight against breast cancer with each purchase. See above.

You can even "Personalize your Clarisonic with a name or short message. Free with purchase. Select engraving options once you’ve added the item to your bag."

Modeling Compcard Tips- What's Too Sexy?

This could be considered "too sexy" of a choice.

Yet with a crop you can make it look more professional, black and white also tames down a photo:

My PARTS compcard is meant for body part modeling such as body doubling, parts for underwear catalogs, and editorials and products, so it does show my body but I am not making a cheesy face at the camera and although it is sensual it is also about the body as a form, not as "showing off".

I have two compcards for my modeling, a Parts compcard for leg modeling, shoe modeling, hands, etc, body parts, and then I also have a commercial print modeling compcard that shows my whole face, and it more about my personality, close ups, smiles, and yes sometimes my body but in a commercial style and way. Like ads and magazine editrials in Cosmo. These are also sample ideas for body shots for a compcard that are not TOO sexy.

A warning for too sexy is something you might see in Playboy, when the girl is teasing the camera, an agency does NOT want to know about your Playboy modeling photos or experience, it can turn them off.

Yet when making your compcard, if you have a nice body, and you are comfortable using it for swimwear, lingerie, etc, a girl can be in underwear, lingerie, a bikini bottom, and it can have a very ad campaign, commercial print feel to it, where the shot is based on the product and looks like it. Infact when you produce your photos keep in mind that the shot should NOT just be about YOU as the sexy model, it should be about the product, lingerie, swimwear, ect that you are modeling, so that the shot shows you are a naturally photogenic model and you can model products of all types. You can also include a smile in the shot, and you no matter what have a smile, energy shot on your commercial print compcard, and also a close up shot/aka beauty shot.

Also a girl who is under 18 should NOT have anything revealing/showing/ no thongs, nothing sexy on her compcard at all. Modeling is about modeling products, so grab a cell phone, your favorite soft drink, shoes, or hair clip or handbag and model it.

Notice the images above. The first would typically be considered "too sexy" but with the right crops they look professional and nice and agent-friendly.

Body Shots for Modeling Compcards

The right body shots look like an ad or magazine editorial, think glamour, marie claire, showing a bathing suit shot, or Allure magazine. Not bootyicious more about the product. Victoria Secret can mislead girls sometimes. I think a good body shot, shows the body but it is natural, not overly posed, for body parts modeling depending on the part you are showing you want to make it look like an ad. For legs, think skincare, panty hose LEGGS brand, Aveeno, Olay ads. For full body swimwear, I would look at Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue maybe, but I do think a smile can help to give your look a more commercial feel.

Being too sexy tells the agent you are only able to pose sexy and that you can't work with products or brands. So you want to keep in mind you are showing the agent that you can model the bathingsuit in a natural way, even with a smile, not a tease, and still make it sellable and intriguing.

If you go to FFT models (google it) you will see girls in bathingsuits in a more commercial way, so maybe the shots looked revealing but notice what they are saying and NOT saying... they should NOT be saying "I am so sexy and hot" they SHOULD be saying "I have a nice body and I can model."

It is possible to show you have a nice body and not be a slut. And that is what you want to do.

That is the goal of a girl who wants a body shot on her card, whether it be in a bathingsuit or fitness outfit.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modeling Tearsheets and collecting your work

So you do a modeling job. But how do you get copies of your work, proof you did it?

When it comes to getting copies of your modeling credits, you as the model have to keep track of it, find it, and look out for it yourself. Also I shot in December a shoe campaign for Spring 09, but it will be out in Feb and the usage is until about May-ish, so I will either be taking a photo of an ins-store poster, or if it is online freezing the frame to add it to my portfolio and compcard. I have had to do this many times, so just a heads up. You as the model need to hunt down your work. To get the credit in your portfolio/ compcard.

Especially if you are a shorter model and dealing with agencies saying you are too short, well even if there is a height requirement you can submit to the agency but it is best to submit great photos and even better if they show you have experience working with a brand or it is a tearsheet in a magazine that makes you credible.

Especially since to get a modeling agency working with you you need to show you have some experience that says " I can model products," since commercial print modeling is about modeling products. An agents want to know that.

When it comes to getting copies of your work you might want to ask around at the job to the art director or photographer "what month it will be out?" Also you might not get a copy of the work easily, so you might want to hunt down an in-store sign, a catalog or brochure, or see if you can get a high res jpeg or something after it is out. Most brands won't give you a copy ahead of time if it for a catalog or shot that will be used for advertising. So it is best to keep in touch with the lady.

Or ask if it will be online?

For retail websites, (maybe you modeled for a handbag company and the shots are on the website.) You can freeze the frame on a retail website and take it into photo shop and make it 300dpi, and print it, place it in your portfolio or for a compcard. Then share with agents.

It is better to have a copy you can use, than just saying to an agency "go to so and so website, or I am in this certain catalog." You want to be about to show it.

Getting out of a Modeling Contract

A guy on Facebook recently told me he is stuck with a bad modeling contract.
Another person on Youtube sent me a message about "wanting a modeling contract."
I feel that many people think a contract is the end all, it makes them set and a model. Nope. Here are my thought if you get into a bad situation with a contract.

With a Modeling contract you should not feel stuck. Or just in a bad situation. Contracts are an agreement, usually they are suppose to make you feel good in life not upset you. (for a shorter model remember, remember that no contract is needed, commercial print modeling agencies do not typically ask you to sign a contract and in the freelancing world, I suggest NO model EVER signs one, and if she does make Sure the agency, person, has been working you and booking you and you feel they are legit. Too much crap out there. Be careful the contract is not the end all it doesn't even mean you are a model, it just means you know how to sign your name it doesn't mean you will be booking work, it is no promise it is an agreement.)

But sometimes agreements can be adjusted.

Are they not booking you work?Ask why you haven't been booking any work, is there something you could do and work on. Get some answers from the agency.
Are they not paying you? Ask why you have not been paid. Agencies should pay you no later than 90 days.

Go there, and say I don't want to do this anymore, I am not interested in working together anymore, and I would like to get out of this.

Most likely you will be asked why.

You could say I am not comfortable working with the agency. I want to pursue other options. Do it kindly but serious.

The Contract, itself should be taken seriously and you should not sign a contract you are not comfortable with and you should always read the whole contract, have a friend or family member and lawyer read it.

Find out if it is a professional opportunities or a scam or crap, you should never stick to it, especially if it limits the other things you want to do. So I would go on over there and ask some questions about the contract, try to change it, ask if certain things could be changed. Even if it is unconventional ask, anyways.

Again, shorter girls, are more likely to work non-exclusive with agencies. Fashion models are a different world, but if you get a lot of experience and build your portfolio and have a certain credibility then you might want to pursue management at a print agency such as CESD.

A girl that is very short and has no modeling experience will be less likely to sign an exclusive contract with an agency, meaning that they will get the hands on treatment of a closer relationship with her agency, vs girls who are working non-exclusively with agencies who can STILL model but do have to be more hands on them selves, make compcards, prepapre portfolios, etc.

The contract should be a professional and worthwhile and share what the agency's percent of monies is from booking you a job, there should be a time length for the contract. However, if you signed the contract and your feelings about working with agency have change you should approach the agency, talk about working out the issues first, or write a letter about it, asking "I'd like to end our business relationship, please let me know the next steps to go forward."

Try to work it out, if it can't be then it might be a process, but it can be worth it, to get out of the contract so you can move forward towards better things and opportunities.

As a new model should be freelancing with many commercial print modeling agencies if possible. When I started I worked with like 4. Your not booking work every single second so need more than one agency and also it is a totally different world with commercial print and you are free to do whatever you want and work with many agencies. SO don't feel the contract is so important. It isn't. Infact it is a mistake majority of the time for a shorter girl.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Modeling Job Questions to ask before the job

Can you imagine getting your own feature in a magazine? It is possible.

Can you imagine approaching a brand and getting your own modeling experience?

You can. You should. And it happens. Yet there are important factors and things to consider before you accept a modeling job you have found or asserted for yourself.

I think it is important for an aspiring model, especially a shorter one to seek out modeling opportunities. Getting a tearsheet in a magazine can lead to a print modeling agency giving you a chance. Proving you can model can mean getting a few tearsheets in magazines or showing you can to the agency. This means being assertive as a model and not being afraid to make your own oppportunity.

Walk into a local hair salon, do they need a model for their ads?

Walk into a tradeshow or craft show, approach some jewerly or handbag designers. These are both fashion items a shorter girl can model. Ask if the designer needs one?

So you get a modeling opportunity and say you live in a smaller town, but should you take the job?

A girl on Myspace recently told me about a modeling job she is planning to be doing and shared with me the questions she is asking ahead of time, such as:

- Which ad agency is setting up the shoot?
- Which manufacturer is it for?
- Will my hair and makeup be provided for, or will I have to bring my own beauty products to work with? (Either way, I’m assuming it will take time to get my hair/makeup ready, so how early before the scheduled time should I arrive?)
- Will I be paid that day or sent a paycheck in the mail?
- Which catalogue will the photographs be featured in and when is it expected to be published?

These are all good questions to ask BEFORE you accept the job and set it up.

I also added "Also if you can get the photographer's name ahead of time that would be good. Notice his/or her work. Is it professional, something you could show your mother or a professional agency.

Getting modeling work with great brands and getting a modeling agency to work with you isn't just about height and weight you want to show you are professional, know how to model products and have photos that say that. Too many girls just randomly shoot something with no clue of how it looks and if it is marketable for future gigs. I have had girls show me wicked terrible glamour and corny photos, and wondering why an agency isn't calling them...well Duhh.

Just remember when you are managing yourself, you have to think ahead. You want the experience to be benefical to other modeling opportunities. You want it to help you not just be "something to do."

And for the sake of payment when you are managing yourself keep all the names, number's, etc, because if you are not paid that day, you will want to be able to chase down your money should something unprofessional happen.

And let someone know where you are going...even if it is just a friend, say "i am going to work with a swimwear company on so and so street or area."

Just to be always safe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't accept a modeling job without...

Don't accept a modeling job or submit to one without knowing the intensions of the production. And feel like you are on the same page with the directors, producers, etc. There are many casting websites and many of them are really terrible. So make sure before you submit to a gig, you do not just think "I am good for this?" but you also think "is this job good for me. My goals, and plans and pursuits."

Modeling work Google tips

when you are searching for modeling work, or using casting sites such as Backstage, ny castings, or others, make sure you GOOGLE the productions name before you submit and say yes to a job that could be crap.

Use google and copy and paste the name of the production company into google and see what comes up. If no website or information comes up on the company then question whether it is worth your time. Usually it isn't.

If just a list of casting notices come up and there isn't any information for the company, brand, photographer, etc, then be skeptical.

When booking work, think about your future goals and the jobs you want to get, ask yourself,” How will this role lead me to more?" If you do not see it helping you book other work or being something that another casting agency, agent or modeling agency would approve then do not do it. If you serious or trying to be, you have to think about the work you accept in a selective way.

Being too desperate does not get you anywhere but in a bad place, and situation. If you Google a product company, directors name, photographer's name etc, you can use your gut, it speaks the truth.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Models changing their looks-hair modeling mistakes

Remember the challenge of changing your look as a model. It is very hard to change your look as a model and keep your marketing material updated.

many new models make the mistake of getting a makeover or by hair modeling in a hair show and get a totally un-marketable look afterward.

I have had good hair modeling experiences and bad ones. I like print ads are a better choice than a hair show, but a hair show could also offer you experience as a new model, but make sure you understand you have to keep your look commercial and sellable as a shorter model, not fashion sleek with a overly fashionable hair cut in the end.

Hair modeling can mean total drastic changes and you have to be able to handle it, not just emotionally either. Photo-wise. I remember i had just gotten new photos taken, headshots, and then I did hair show and had a totally different hair cut. You have to be able to market yourself as best as possible to agents, and then when you have an agent you have to be able to keep your photos updated and also looking like how you really like in real life. You can't show a long hair photo and then show up with short hair. It usually doesn't turn out good.

Also when it comes to color. You want a solid hair color. Not blond highlights. When an agent or agency as a client call they ask for a brown hair model, a brunette, a blond, not a girl with highlights typically. So pick a solid color. Black, Red, Brown, brunette...but not mixed highlights. You will book more work being able to be sent on a broad amount of castings, and you don't want your hair to mess up your chances.

On the Modeling Job Tips

When you have a booking you want to make sure you are prepared. This can mean prepared as in knowing all the details, and bringing things to the job which will help you manage. Your agent should help you with this. However here is insight into how you can prepare for a booking:

Shoes. You should bring a comfortable pair of shoes to wear during breaks, lunch, etc.

A robe. If you have multiple changes you should bring a robe to wear inbetween them and also for body part modeling jobs you should bring one with you to wear before you get on set.

A snack. And water. Bring some fruit, or peanuts, or something incase you are not given lunch like you thought or the day is cut short but you still might be hungry. Also you will want energy for the job, so bring water!

Hairclips and hair pins, etc. Since many jobs ask you to bring your hair natural, you might want to bring your own comb or brush and hair pins, especially since some jobs might involve pinning your hair back and sometimes the stylist doesn't do everything for you.

A cell phone charger. Even though you are booked and can't be yappin on your phone, you will get breaks, and you can check your voicemail, but being prepared can mean sometimes bringing a phone charger if you feel you might need to check messages or are low on battery.

A Book or magazine. You will want something to do during your breaks, or before the shoot,so it is smart to bring a magazine or book.

Wanting to get into parts modeling?

Today a girl asked me about parts modeling and how to start. If you are trying to get into parts modeling you should consider a few things:

1. The photos are important, because just like in any print job the agent wants to see that you can in deed "model" something, so make sure you show your "parts"-hands, feet, close up of eyes, on your compcard doing something, interacting, holding something, -and most important: make the shot look like an ad for a product, enclosed is a sample compcard. Think nail care, skincare, shoe ads, jewelry ads, close up tight shots are best to show your parts. Remember it isn't always about is about the product you are modeling.

2. Submit to print modeling agencies, you could also research commercial print modeling agencies and ask if they have a parts division, not high fashion agencies -although Ford models does have a parts division. Also there is an agency called Parts Models which I have mentioned many times on this blog as a top agency.

3. Parts modeling like any area is competitive, so be prepared for castings, go-see's and even last minute bookings from your agent. Sometimes I only get one days notice for a casting or a last minute go-see.

Overall, once you start working with an agent being available is key because castings are during the day, castings are usually during the day, morning/ afternoons.

Parts modeling, shoe modeling, hand modeling, leg modeling are all things a girl of a proportioned size should consider. But you have to do your mailings and submissions and focus on creating the right photos, it could take some time before you have the right compcard and marketing materials made, but practice makes perfect...or close to it! :) goodluck- isobella

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Hair Model - Petite Modeling Advice

A girl recently contacted me through my website and asked about hair modeling and how she could start. Here are some tips since hair modeling is a great gig for a petite girl to get some experience with professionals.

For hair modeling you have to be prepared to have your hair changed. Cut. or drastically change the color. The point of the hair model for shows, and demos is to show the before and after...also for print your hair will be styled and changed-maybe not as much but still it will be changed a bit. Most of the time it will for hair modeling. So maybe hair modeling isn't the right area to look.

1. Contact a local salon, -good for models in smaller cities- and ask they need a model for product demo's or print marketing material for their store. Ask if the store has events and promos you can get involved with.

2. For print ad campaigns you typically need a modeling agency for this and you should mail a commercial print modeling agency in your city a headshot that shows your hair natural- how it is simple, and then styled as well. Nothing drastic. Look at ads in magazines to get inspired, you will notice the different types of hair ads out there. Less fashiony is best for a print model, especially a shorter one.

3. Also there are hair studios in major cities, such as Wella in NYC, that need hair models for presentations and there is a popular Beauty expo in NYC that also uses ALOT of models of all different hair types. I would contact the conference or try to find a casting in or -always read the fine print for online castings and with a buyer beware mindset! Craigslist can be sketchy but I have seen castings on there for hair models but again BE very,very, very careful. Don't end up with blue hair, because a print modeling agency won't typically book you with blue hair. Although an agency called Ugly NY Talent/Models works with all types of models and even those with crazy hair so try them too.

4. There is always mailing hair magazine photo editors your photos, snap shots, you never know! Look in the front of the magazine and find the masthead with all the editors name. Send to the photo editor. You could also send your shots to the beauty editors at other beauty related magazines.

I hope this helps! - isobella

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding a Headshot Photographer in NYC

When it comes to a headshot. Paying for a headshot is worth it. If you pay peanuts, you can get monkeys. A lot of new models who want to be actors or girls who want to be models end up working with the weirdest photo freaks. And they end up with crap or embarrassed and naked in a bad way on the Internet.

Here are a couple ideas to avoid bullshit: Google "Headshot phototographer." Make sure they are legit and have a legit body of work. Hint: If he is shooting just glamour models bent over a balcony then his work not a professional. The photographer has to be credible, and know lighting. The photographer should be skilled in lighting because lighting does matter when it comes to a headshot photo. You do not want to over Photoshop your face because the shot is just to sadly dark or dim because the guy with the camera has no clue what they are doing.

Don't go to the laundry mat, and call the number on the bulletin. And sad to say you can’t even trust the headshot photographer listing on bulletins at legit printing sources like Adorama on 18th or Manhattan Color Labs at 4 W 20th St either. But do go there if you need portfolio prints.

For something legit I would try to go to a photography school and work with a student. I did it when I started out and had a good experience with SVA. When it comes to photos: the plan is to work with someone who knows the craft of photography. And judge their work before you take off your coat! Again, if the person is a professional

Or go to an acting school, and notice the boards there, (they might be legit but be careful again) or ask the girl at the desk if she can refer you to one.

It is also a good idea to find a photographer who shoots film. Digital is nice, quick and all but film still in my opinion bring best results and if the photographer can shoot film then you know he is pretty talented, I mean these days any screw ball with two hands, can point and click a digital. But go with what you want. Digital can be cheaper and better for a chick on a budget. You can pay anywhere from $100-$500 or more for a headshot. A decent headshot will speak. Your eyes will look vibrant and your personality will be seen within the photo, a smile is a good thing to have in the shot and you should not cake on the makeup. Think of the roles you want to get whether in TV, Film or commercials and target your photo around that. Bring sample photos or images so the photographer understands what you are going for. And get everything in writing. I have written before on photography usage rights and you don’t want to be screwed over when it comes to getting photos and payment and rights.

You can find a professional but remember if you hunt down good people you will have good results!


Best Handbags for Modeling Portfolios

For Xmas my mother gave me a great canvas soft handbag, it is perfect tote for carrying my modeling portfolio to casting. Carrying a portfolio can be a pain in the butt, it is heavy and bangs against the side of your thigh, but a good handbag can make the load easier.

Here are the shapes I suggest:

LaCroix Handbags, by designer Jacquelyn LaCroix. Stylish and suitable for girls on the go, with a lot of pockets and plenty of room, this bag is perfect for a modeling portfolio or laptop.

This Neo Tote by Cynthia Rowley is very sassy and perfect, and 16" x 13" x 6" it will just it your portfolio and you can walk in style and also carry all you need.

This is a really cute bag by Cole Haan. I love Cole Haan's appeal and being 13.5" x 13.5" x 5" it will fit snug your portfolio and makeup case and agenda book.

Signing the modeling release- when and why

A girl recently asked me if she could use the photos from a test shoot with a photographer if she did not sign the release:

My answer comes by sharing a few ways model releases and modeling booking vouchers are used:

Test shoots:
You can use the photos if you did not sign the release in a "photo testing situation". Signing a release usually happens when the photographer wants to sell the images or for publication, or is using them for a nude website, and has to prove the models age, or the product the model is modeling has not been distributed and the company wants the shots to be private before the ad campaign is released, and in that case the models do not get photos ahead of time. ALl of this should be discussed ahead of time. If the photographer can use the shots for publication, if you can. How many photos you get from the shoot, etc.

On the job: When you are shooting a modeling job through an agency for an editorial or ad campaign you will have a voucher/ release from the agency which the art director will sign, you will sign it as well. A signing a release / voucher is also proof that you worked, and then you give the agency the voucher you signed and that is how you get paid. You should keep a copy, the agency and the client. Keep your records.

Paying a photographer:
If you are paying a photographer for headshots then you should not be prevented from using ANY of the phots, because typically you are paying for the film and the film is yours. You should however get this writing somehow. Or discuss it ahead of time.

When it comes to models seeking out and creating their own modeling portfolio photos, she must be careful and speal ahead of time about usage and releases. You do not want to be prevented from using the photos but you also should be aware that professional photographers and those who have a photography business may want you to sign a release, which allows them to use the images. But, you should also speak about releases ahead of time and if you are not comfortable don't sign it, and do not work with them. And there is nothing wrong with you as the model having a release as well for the photographer to sign. Take yourself and pursuits seriously. Photography, with digital can be damaging if you take the wrong photo and it gets out there, because on the web thigns stick. So, be picky about who you work with and read the fine print!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Petite Modeling Requirements Model Talk Radio

Model Talk Radio this week was all about the Petite Modeling Requirements and how a shorter girl can change her mindset of the what it means to be a model and how that mindset can lead her to modeling work and opportunties.

Shape your mindset to understand what opportunities are out there for you as a shorter girl. Finding these opportunties is a choice.

Modeling is what you make it, how you seek out your pursuits, and the work you put in.

It is not something just based on height and weight and to listen to the segment click here. It will archived.


Models and Photography- the doom of TFP

The problem with "guys with cameras" and "girls who want to be models is that there are issues that come up over "who gets to use the photos and where and how and all this drama that can come up." I would make a point in the future to make sure you get it in writing when it comes to photos and what you get and your usage, it always best to discussing it ahead of time.

A CD of images or in the old days "prints" is acceptable. The industry term "model for trade" or "trade for print" can be sketchy if not discussed as well. You are not just posing to show off and be someone's tease, a girl who wants to seriously model should know the photos she needs ahead of time and only work with professional photographers.

There as become this underground modeling business which I think should be illegal. These days any smuck with a camera can say he is a photographer and post a portfolio and get girls over to his apartment or garage for less than his electric bill and he is also the models fault for falling for this shit, scams, and bs. A professional photographer doesn't have a portfolio on model-community websites, and if you want to be a model, really be one, then you need to be pickier who you work with to build your portfolio and photos. Just having photos doesn't make you a model. You are not one until you have worked with brands, magazines and modeled something. Being a tease for an afternoon doesn't make you a model it takes you just a tease for the afternoon.

A few ways you can avoid issues within your pursuits:

1. Set higher goals for yourself. Set realistic goals. And KNOW what you should have and need when it comes to photos. Know what a modeling agency wants and need. Don't waste time taking photos you do not need and that do not benefit your goals. If you are serious with yourself you will focus on working with the best photographers you can.

2. If you plan the shoot ahead of time in detail you will have little to worry about. Make sure the concerns you have and the questions you have are answered. Speak to the photographer about what you need and also ask about usage, will you get a certain amount of photos, and how many are expected. Does he give the models all the photos or just the ones he wants to give them. The answer should tell you whether or not you should work with this person. And how professional they are. A professional will not give a hard time and will give you the photos. Without issues. All of them, on a CD. Ask how soon you will get the photos. A professional should give you the photos ASAP. especially if shooting digital. There is no reason not to leave that day with images on a CD. Don't obsess over touch up, but ask ahead of time about it. Will the photographer be touching up images, or not. Know ahead of time all the details.

3. Don't just shoot to shoot, or for money, TFP is amatuer, and only for amatuers, your goal as amodel should be to get a good headshot, a good body shot, good energy shots, and photos that are acceptable to send to a commercial print modeling agency. Not too much makeup and styling, simple is best. And you should take yourself seriously, and remember if you want bigger things you have to act like it and do the actions to get more.

Too many girls just play around with the word model and they end up getting scammed. And in the process do not even have the photos they need to market themselves properly and the whole thing becomes a waste, so becareful, don't be naive, understand what a real model is and needs, and your opportunities, and chase them in a professional way.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Modeling Business is a Business

Many girls call it the industry, but to me working as a model is all about working in a business.

It is a business to learn, and learning it doesn't happen just by having an agency and getting a few castings and a booking or two, knowing how to model a product and understand how to market yourself is a title, role and hat a shorter model has to endure.

Unless you are a ragdoll model getting thrown all over jet set to fashion week, and just going on for the ride of it, modeling to me is a business, and one I needed to know, just like someone studies art, medicine, finance, etc, it is a business to learn. If you are not willing to learn about it, and practice it, and really understand it, and if you can't look beyond yourself, your face, your body, and focus on the meaning of being a model, the point of models, the what is means to work in the business as a business then, you really could end up in an emotional mess, and lose yourself.

I am proud that I have my bachelors in Advertising and that I do have a perceptive mindset, because these are skills I have applied to my modeling pursuits.

Model Budget Beauty for under $15

These are a few products I love and use on the job and before the job that are under $20.

Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter:
Lush Lemony Flutter- great for hands and feet before a shoe modeling job. Or hand modeling jobs.


Revlon under eye concealer
I use this Revlon Colorstay concealer before my foundation or powder, let it sit for ten minutes first. I also use this when I travel for a whole face concealer.

Essie nail polish. This is a great brand for shoe models and hand models.

St Ives apricot scrub: about 6 bucks. For face, feet, and elbows, and back side.

Gillette After Shave Gel, until they come out with a gel like this for females I will be using my boyfriends after shave gel on my legs. It makes them very smooth after a shave and before leg modeling jobs.

Model and Actor Casting Tools without the Internet

Here are some tools that have helped me build a modeling portfolio, get experience, and gain better modeling work without the internet. A new model or actor should consider these. Don't expect your Myspace to make you famous..just don't! If you have never mailed your photos to an agency, or casting should.

Ross Reports- a booklet you can find at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section, in the film and tv section, it is about ten bucks. It is a list of casting diretors and talent agencies for films and commercials. Models are in commercials these days and commercials are less about acting because of voice overs, so you can mail your headshots to casting directors and casting agencies to get roles in commercials or on TV shows as a background actor. This does not mean it is easy, it just means you should try. You can learn about what goes on when you are set and you can get basically an acting 101 through working on background gigsand featured roles to build your resume and strive to join SAG or not, take acting classes and pursue how you would like. for a new model this website can be very helpful if she wants to get into acting, commercials, tv hosting, etc. You can find the Ross Reports here as well.

A headshot, a compard and a modeling portfolio: No website, no social site, no internet modeling website will offer you as much as these physical marketing tools. Even though you might feel the web is easier -you just upload a photo it is not the best way to start modeling at all. It is better to get a compcard, get a headshot printed and mail it to agencies and do it the legit way from the start. The internet might be trendy and where things are at, but not for modeling and serious acting jobs, real work in the industry is not on the internet. You might find breakdowns for jobs and castings and auditions at or but you still need a headshot printed and a compcard for the auditions.

Modeling and acting is more about the effort you put in, and being available, it isn't about being super sexy or super experienced, it just comes down to being what they are looking for. So there is nothing wrong with trying and you should. You don't need to rely on the internet and you shouldn't, the internet is a catalog of information sort of like a card catalog back in the day, it isn't where legit casting agents and modeling agents hunt down talent or models.