Monday, December 15, 2008

Photography for Models- the photos Models Need

Trying to model really means being smart about the photos you need. I think a lot of girls are in such a rush to call themselves a model they miss out on the photos they really need and then why wonder:

"why don't I have a modeling agency?"

"Why am I not getting where I want to get?"

"Why am I not a model yet?"

It is your photos.

A model needs to be careful about how she markets herself and working with photographers should not just be a creative moment of freedom. It should be work.

I recently received a comment from a photographer on this blog about how models, "So many of them feel that we should only shoot the highly ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff. I often fail at getting them to understand that the ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff doesn’t get me, as a photographer, paid. It’s the shots that are seen in contemporary publications (as you point out in your blog broadcasts) that are the “money shots” for me. However, many of the aspiring models see me as a non-creative, fuddy-duddy. (I’ll get over it.)"

I find this interesting because many of girls have this perception that edgy, sexy, taking it off makes them a model. If you are a shorter girl, this will only get you so far. If you want to be hot, call yourself a model, then ok take it off with pride, but if you want to really model you need to think more carefully about the photos you need to produce which WILL actually help book you modeling work and help you to get a legit modeling agent.

Producing a headshot and beauty shot is important. Also showing your body but not in such a slutty way is important too. Notice the photos I have included in this post as an example.

Of course you still show some skin but showing it can involve beauty shots, jewelry shots, more than just showing off what you got, but instead: Using what you got to show you can indeed model.

Instead of trying to turn on the photographer so much, why not try to be a real model instead? The photographer might even thank you for it!

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