Monday, December 8, 2008

Photo shoot tips: Where is the Camera?

Do you know where the camera is and what it is seeing?

Even if you are not behind the camera taking the photo you can still understand what it is taking by taking note to the angle the camera is, asking the photographer what part of your body he/she is shooting and by knowing if it is a close up or a shot with more room.

Understanding the camera perspective can be helpful when it comes to posing as a model,especially a parts model.

Today I had a hand modeling job for a food magazine again and for these detailed shots the camera is above the able and the models are posed around it and told to cut pizza's, scoop a bowl of veggies, gracefully drop some basil on the plate, pretend as if you are reaching for another breadstick, spread pesto, grab a glass of wine, ect, to make the shot look realistic from above, as if a bird is looking down at their picnic. Of course you are given direction. But as the model your mind as to also be aware of the perspective of the camera.

Angling your hand a certain way might feel weird but the camera will SEE it as looking normal, correct, nice, pretty, if done the right way.

Sometimes cheating the shot is helpful too,- moving your hand, body in a way that might appear awkward as you do it, but on the camera is looks right. Could be placing your hand or body at a certain angle that might feel off, but the camera will see it from above, or from their perspective as looking right.

If you are holding a knife, perhaps pointing your forefinger slighting is a good idea. Stretching your finger slightly but keeping it relaxed at the same time can make it look longer and more danty, gentle, soft.

Even when it is "just a food shot," the details need to be given attention to, and a model whether she is modeling one part or her whole body, should be aware of the camera, and how to work together with it, to get the shot needed.

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