Saturday, December 20, 2008

Petite Models- Submitting to Modeling Agencies

The effort you put in is what you get when it comes to getting a modeling agency to work with you.

Representation seems to always be the most popular question among girls who want to be models. Here are some suggestions.

1. Keep the mailings going. Alot of girls give up after the first try.

2. Do you have any experience at all? Make sure you tell the agency in a letter, that you have some experience. Unlike fashion, commercial print modeling agencies will not mold you and create for you your modeling career, a commercial print model can actually get in the door with a commercial print modeling agency by showing she DOES have some experience. Experience is not a modeling school, it is not a modeling contest, experience is working with a brand, could be a small jewelry company, but something that shows the agent that you have worked in a professional environment before.

3. Target yourself with the right photos. Many girls create the wrong photos, too many photos and not enough of the ones they need to get a modeling agency. If you do not have a modeling agency working with you then ask yourself, "am I marketing myself the wrong way."

A modeling agency submission should include your photo, compcard, or headshot, or all, and information about you, your modeling interested, something like this

"Hi, I recently working with an aspiring handbag designer for her online catalog, I would like to be considered for print and editorial opportunities at your agency, you can contact me at (your number)646-XXX-XXXX."

You should also put your phone number on your compcard and on the back of the photos you send. Don't make the agency hunt for your phone number. Don't put your Myspace account, website, or online portfolio site. Ironically this stuff doesn't matter to a modeling agent. Agencies want to see physical photos. Your online presence is not meaningful to a modeling agency, they want to see physical photos in their hands. So mail them directly.

See the post below for ideas for photos, and remember, you have to chase what you want...being hot. downloading a photo on the internet, doesn't make you a model....yet.

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