Thursday, December 18, 2008

Petite Models Shorter Models Yes You Can Model

I believe in self promotion and especially if you are a short girl you have to be ambitious to be a model. But Skip the Modeling schools. Skip paying for stuff you don't need to pay for. And start putting the effort into what you DO need.

If you are shorter, you should not focus on fashion modeling at all. You should focus on where you fit into this modeling business. Perhaps your perception of modeling needs some change first. So here are some new ways of thinking about the word model:

1. Internet modeling is not a smart way to start modeling.
2. Don't ever go to modeling conventions.
3. If you get stopped on the street by a scout, or at the mall...think twice about it, today's world is different than the supermodel tales you hear of girls being scouted on the streets of Paris or St.Louis.
4. Modeling means working with products and brands, not just posing.

If you have not thought about ads and commercials that involve lifestyle models, and commercial print models then you should. A shorter model should pay attention to ads and commercials that involve people of all heights and sizes.

There are models of all heights and sizes working, you are not one of them maybe because you are not marketing yourself properly.

Also remember spending money on photos is not needed, but the photos should be in focus and she be honest photos of you, with not too much makeup, just natural, think of an Aveeno ad or Jewerly ad, or Gap ad--more lifestyle...less fashion...more you...less posy. A commercial print modeling agent wants to see things a fashion modeling agency might not want to see...

1. A shot with a smile.
2. A headshot without a smile.
3. Energy shot, smiling laughing, doing something.
4. Full body shot. Could be in bikini, fitness clothing, or dress..but do not become a posy, cheesy, pin up. A commercial print modeling agency wants to see your personality, but not your corny cheesy pin up face.

A commercial print modeling agency is good for a petite model to consider mailing a few photos to, but a petite model should also remember what a commercial print modeling agency thinks like: They think of products, of personality, and of brands, so if you see an ad involving handbags, shoes, sunglasses, nailpolish, skincare, haircare, it was most likely a commercial print modeling agency that booked the model the job.

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