Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Petite Models Overcoming the Internet Model Box

Let's get something clear. Websites that are portfolio hosting web sites and social internet communities for models, actors, photographers, and so called agencies are not legit.

Yet every day new models join social sites and yet they do it with a naive obsession with being seen and discovered, the majority of these girls are not tall. They are short. And they most likely only think modeling is fashion or Playboy. They do not understand what print modeling is, and they fall into this trap of becoming a tease, getting excited over hits and clicks on their social site profile page, and feeling "hot enough." Trust me. I know. I used to be that crazy girl. I used to think I was a model just because some guy with a camera wanted to photograph me. But I got my self together and learned that modeling, being a model, doesn't happen on social sites. It happens from castings, auditions, and by working with legit agencies. It is also a lot of work. A lot more work than just downloading a photo.

I think girls get excited over being seen, admired, being called hot, and crave being sexy and they find that showing off their photos lets them get this. Well ok. But this doesn't mean you are a model.

It seems a lot of short girls turn to internet modeling, and it is only getting bigger and bigger in the amount of girls who want to be models.

Yet, the short girl will have a challenge of getting agency attention with her social site page, but she will stick to it, because she will think that is all she can do to call herself a model. She wants to be a model real bad. Or at least call herself one. This social site is a place she can do so. Freely, without being judged and her ego, like she intended will be boosted. But she won't be a model.

My opinion is these girls don't really want to be models, they just want to show off their bodies and faces, and pose with amateurs and they do not see anything more for themselves.

My opinion is: I do not suggest a girl who REALLY wants to model to join a social site or online modeling community. I suggest she ONLY works with a professional photographer, not just any person with a camera,-that doesn't mean they are a photographer and have in mind interests that can benefit you and your modeling pursuits.

My opinion. I suggest this girl gets a compcard printed, or headshot and mails it to Commercial Print Modeling agencies, before you sign up for some social site. I suggest she looks at ads and editorials in magazines and try to create commercial print modeling photos and submit them to commercial print modeling agencies. A headshot is a good start at least.

Another reason why online internet sites for models are a bad idea is that there is NOT enough monitoring of scams and jerks, and perverts on these sites either. There is a huge risk of scams.

Also when you post any photo on the Internet keep in mind your future, would you want your teacher,or future boss to see the photos you are flaunting on this amateur social site? Usually whats on the Internet stays basically always even years later.

Would you want your mother seeing it? If the answer is no, then you should NOT post those photos. You should not be taking those photos, and beyond modeling you SHOULD always have other goals, plans and pursuits. Aim high and don't settle if you really want something.

If you look at ads, watch commercials and see billboards and think "I want to be that." Then you need to get off the modeling social sites and get with the real modeling world program. You need a modeling agency, a legit one, and you need to be more prepared and smart about your pursuits. Before you can be serious you have to take yourself seriously. You don't want to be limited within your pursuits because you are not taken seriously. Social sites are not taken seriously.

If you are wondering why you don’t have an agency or any legit modeling work yet…think of this: No legit photographer, agency or brand hunts for models on the Internet. They go to agencies, they take themselves seriously and they want a serious and professional model. So to start being one, you have to change your perception of what a model is, and understand what you CAN and Can’t do as a model and be realistic with yourself.

In the real world of modeling it doesn't matter how many profile views your photos have had on a social site or online community and it doesn't matter how many photos you have on your profile, and how many hits it has got. Top brands want to know if you can model their product, magazines want to know if you can manage their creative concept, and modeling agencies want to know you are professional.

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