Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Petite Models and Modeling Schools?- whats the deal with a school for modeling?

Unfortunately your credits with a modeling school like Barbizon will only get you so far, most modeling schools are not respected in the ‘real modeling industry’ so I would focus on three things: your headshot, and beauty shots and energy shots and submit photos to a commercial print modeling agency, such as FFT Models in NYC, or Flaunt models,or Parts Models. Shorter models can find modeling opportunities but it is more about how they market themselves towards the print modeling world; it is really easy to walk down the wrong runway, and work with the wrong people, amateurs/ -So focus on the print modeling world, which is more accepting of people of all heights. Watch commercials and notice ads in magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, cooking magazines, knitting magazines, travel, all need models. And they are not high fashion models. So focus on how you are marketing yourself and the best thing is to try. Get your photos, get your comp card printed, and get your headshot and mail, mail, mail! Forget worrying about what you aren’t use what you have. There is even an agency in NYC called Ugly Models that works with models that are corky or unique for ads and commercials. There is opportunity, you just have to chase it and really try.

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