Monday, December 15, 2008

More than a Glamour Model- Glamour Modeling tips

If you want to model and you are short, glamour modeling might have come into your mind, but glamour modeling is not a smart choice for a girl who wants to really model.

The reason: brands, modeling agencies, most main stream magazines, and products, do not typically respect it. If you want to seriously model, work with brands and magazines, then don't limit yourself by only doing glamour modeling shots. If you want to get a modeling agency you need to show that you have energy, a nice smile, and personality. It might sound boring, but honestly the most simple shot of you in a dress, laughing, or walking a dog, is going to book you legit modeling work that pay very well quicker than just showing your ass for no reason, just to show off.

I really can't stand glamour models.

I love wearing lingerie, but I am no glamour model. I have way more to offer than that. Don't you? I think of glamour modeling as something girls do to show off, tease, and as an ego boost. Not really to become models. Modeling means you have to model something. Look up the word model, or modeling in the dictionary.

"a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising. "

Modeling just for someone holding a camera doesn't mean you are a model...yet.

Although glamour modeling can be a choice for a shorter girl to find some photography opportunities, it will not lead her to working with brands, or magazines, or legit agencies. Mostly it will not lead her to have a long pursuit.

If you really want to model, if you are short, don't limit yourself. The only way you should glamour model is:

In the style of a lingerie campaign, think Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, type photos. Photos that involve a product, not just you and your cheesy pin up face.

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