Sunday, December 14, 2008

Models Finding Photographers- the good and bad

It is a hard thing. The web doesn't make it easier. It can make it harder sometimes. Finding a good photographer for an aspiring model has gotten harder. So many girls email me with questions about “how can I find a good photographer.” I do not think the web is the best place to find a photographer. There are so many scumbags, and so many weird people out there trying to mingle with girls and saying they are a photographer on social modeling sites…It is Sick. Yet if you are an aspiring model it doesn't have to involve risk or a bad situation to find a photographer, BUT you have to DO THE WORK to find a good photographer, so here are some tips:

1.Are you working with photographers who are as serious as you? That is number 1. Focus on working with photographers that are serious and ambitious, professional and quality. This will mean not just using the internet to find a photographer but
A.Stopping by photography schools
B.Photo labs and asking if they can refer a photographer
C.The yellow pages. It might sound old school but photographer’s that shoot headshots, weddings, and have a photography business are less likely to be a jerk, and more likely to want to work with a girl who has a professional mindset.

2. Remember Money alone doesn’t always make you a model: getting paid as an amateur model by amateur photographer doesn't make you a model. Focus more on the quality of your photographs than how much money per hour you are getting. Being an internet model is corny. It does take work to find a good photographer. It takes more than just downloading your photo on a social site and waiting for a photographer to contact you. Usually you will only meet wanna be, amateurs this way. Those people are NOT who you want to work with if you REALLY want to model. You need photos that will benefit you. Headshot, beauty shot, commercial print modeling shots.

3. What do you NEED: You need to KNOW what photos you need as a model, not just sit in front of the camera clueless. So do your homework on what a model needs photography wise and what modeling agencies want to see. Go to commercial print modeling websites such as Flaunt models, FFT models, and start noticing what the photos of the models there have photo wise.

4.Before you work with the photographer: Use technology and Google the name of the person you want to work with. See if any models have put warnings out on the photographer, be a smart model and don’t just work with someone because you think they seem nice and have quality work.

There are many scams, jerks, and perverts out there. Even when you might think someone is professional they are not. Fraud happens all over. This is an article about a hedge fund fraud recently in the Wall Street Journal. No matter your pursuits there are scams everywhere.

It is up to you to be smart about your pursuits, be skeptical and do the work to get quality.

New potential victims emerged of Wall Street veteran Bernard Madoff's alleged giant Ponzi scheme, with international banks, hedge funds and wealthy private investors among those sorting out what could amount to tens of billions of dollars in losses.”


Kalem said...

This is an outstanding article that many aspiring models should read. I’m a photographer, so, I may fall into the ‘unsavory’ category that you warn aspiring models of. But, so what! The content of your article is a must read for models looking to find a photographer that will help them and not exploit/harm them. By the way, I’m a safe photographer. (Of course, I’m supposed to say that.)

Aspiring models must be more selective about who they work with. Not just to be safe. But, they must also choose a photographer that can help develop needed skills (posing, diversified looks, etc.). Many of the aspiring models that I meet have very big and admirable dreams. But, they have no plans or no idea of the world of modeling as you so accurately describe in your article, your videos and your blog.

So many of them feel that we should only shoot the highly ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff. I often fail at getting them to understand that the ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff doesn’t get me, as a photographer, paid. It’s the shots that are seen in contemporary publications (as you point out in your blog broadcasts) that are the “money shots” for me. However, many of the aspiring models see me as a non-creative, fuddy-duddy. (I’ll get over it.)

But, I’ve found your informative site. And I’m going to refer the aspiring models that I work with to take advantage of the great education that you provide.

Keep up the good work. And watch those photographers!

isobella jade said...

Thank you so much for your comment. Focus on producing the shots YOU like. Make her put on a pretty dress. :)

As for models, the most simple shot is the shot an aspiring model really needs. A girl smiling holding a hair bag or in a black dress by a pretty dining room table is the shot that agencies want to see. Agencies and clients, magazine editors, art directors, want to see a girl who can work with products and a smile, usually is a shot many aspiring models fail to have and it is the shot they need most if they want to REALLY model.