Saturday, December 27, 2008

Models Black and White Photography- hide flaws

Black and White Photography can hide flaws and imperfections. Which can explain why for so long Headshots were done in Black White, today Headshots are in color and it is trendy to have your's that way. However when it comes to your modeling photos and modeling comcpard, it is ok to show a black and white images. Black and White photography can also hide flaws, scars are less noticable, let's say you have some flab on your butt, well when you are taking the lingerie shot, tell the photographer to shoot it in Black and White or when you get home transform it in Photo Shop. (For the Photoshop skills models should know see this past post here.)

Black and White Photography can even help add clevage and enhance shadows.

Have you see the Ray-ban ads? They are black and white sometimes.
Have you noticed Aveeno Ads? They have black and white images sometimes.

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