Friday, December 26, 2008

Models and YouTube promotion

I recently saw a casting that read "Non paying but you will get credits and YouTube promotion."

Since when did Youtube promotion mean something good and quality? As great as cyber land is, it is not respected enough for an aspiring model or actor to bank on Youtube promotion. I highly doubt a real modeling agent, manager, or casting director will scroll Youtube for talent. Youtube can be good for some things, but I wouldn't consider it a convincing factor to just get Youtube Promotion from a gig you do.

It makes me think about how the Internet can be a legit place and also a not-so-legit place. I think many people have gotten too obsessed over the Internet, thinking that it is all a person, singer, model, actor needs to get ahead and be discovered.

And although the Internet is a great research tool, for those questions such as,
"Is this agency legit- Go to Google."
" Is this photographer a jerk?- Go to Google."
"Is this production company honest? Go to Google."

The Internet has a research tool is important, but as a sole marketing promotion tool it is not the ONLY thing a person needs.

Putting your reel on Youtube, and your credits, or modeling exposure in a spec commercial, but you should also have a physical reel. A DVD burned with your credits as well. The real agents, producers, and people in the Biz, do not take the Internet as seriously as they take physical in their hands promotional tools.

If you are only using the Internet to call yourself a model, and you do not have a modeling agency...-that is the reason why. Modeling agencies want to see your physical photos, reel, and experience. Do not direct them to your Youtube account or your online portfolio, it is not taken seriously. The Internet may be popular but the population means there is a lot of amateurs out there, so beware and don't come off "just like every other wanna be," and "strive to be unique and prepared in ways that REALLY will get you ahead."

Sure I put my Modeling Tip Videos on Youtube, but when it comes to modeling work getting Youtube promotion isn't enough pay for me :)

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