Monday, December 8, 2008

Modeling tips -How do I model this?

A model has to not only look nice, but be able to mesh into many atmospheres. Many jobs are not always descriptive and you have be able to basically "figure it out yourself," or in a "short period of time," how to pose, create the concept, and use your body, face, and energy to get the look needed quickly. Usually a model is only booked for a certain amount of time which is why a model needs to be able to work fast, understand the job, and get it done quickly.

The other day I had to shoot ten outfits and shoes and with the help of the art director, photographer and team had to make each shot look different, unique, but still at the same time, the shot had to have the same look and consistency of the brand. We succeeded and all got home early even, but it was work.

To me modeling isn’t just posing and being the rag doll, it is really about knowing how to model. And how to make the atmosphere, shoe, product, ect, look good. And mesh into the role of model and play your part well.

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