Thursday, December 4, 2008

Modeling and Modeling Agents- who does the work?

Many people I work with, stylist, makeup artists, photographers, have worked with top models from top agencies.
When the topic of a model marketing herself comes up, our perceptions can be very different.

Many people in the industry who are established and have a fashion model perspective do not understand the "model marketing themselves thing." Their reply when I say how I market myself and how I got everything myself and how to this day I market myself, even though I do work with great agencies, is: "Doesn't the agency market models?"

"agencies direct the models and know how to market them."

Wrong. Not always.

MMmm. That is just not my story and THAT is the difference between the commercial print world/shorter model, and the fashion world.

TV might show that an agency is what a girl needs to be a model, but for a SHORTER girl it is more than just an agency. A commercial print modeling agency will not always direct you and plan out how they will market you, they will just take your compcards, and send them to their clients or let you know when there is a casting for you.

It is different than the fashion world.

A shorter girl will not be sat down and analyzed, in the commercial print modeling world, a shorter girl will do a lot of the marketing herself. This also means getting her photos together. Making a compcard. And promoting herself. To a new commercial print model an agent is just one step towards getting modeling work. To get the work you do have to understand that you will not be babied, sat down and a plan will not be made for you. The Agency and Model relationship is a business one. It is based on "being on time." Getting to a certain location," and sort of just naturally knowing what to do on the job or at the casting." Alot of becoming a model is figuring it out yourself, for the shorter girl. Maybe this is why you do not see a lot of shorter models out there. Instead they just flaunt their ass on the internet, well...if they want more, there is more opportunity out there, but they have to be willing to do the work, market themselves well, and be realistic with their goals, and have a strong, confident mindset.

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