Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lingerie modeling - creating your photos

Lingerie modeling is not just glamour and for Maxim and men, lingerie modeling is also for ad campaigns, brands and involves real modeling. And also real work. As a shorter girl it might seem impossible but you have a couple choices to make when it comes to your modeling pursuits, you can be more of a model, or just a tease. Many girls call themselves lingerie models but yet they have never worked with a lingerie brand...something is wrong with that picture to me. Here are tips on how to create better lingerie photos that are more sellable and suitable for agencies so you can really call yourself a lingerie model that works with brands.

Finding a photographer: Make sure he doesn't just want to take a photo of your ass and that's it. Work with photographers that understand the craft of photographer and who are open to your vision and ideas. Tell the photographer you are interested in catalog like shots, not just glamour. Get the photos you really need! Bring samples in magazines, and ads, of what you are talking about to the photographer.

Creating your photos: Atmosphere and styling are important, as well as posing. Don't pose to tough, teasing or stiff, no pouty lips, well you can do some, but honestly what you NEED is a lifestyle, catalog like shot of yourself in all type of lingerie and under garments. Including full back panties, thongs, boyshorts, and in all different pose styles. You could be getting ready infront of the mirror, bending just enough to show some curves, and putting on mascara. Not even looking at the camera, but it looks like an ad. Don't be afraid of smiling, catalog lingerie and underwear modeling means having personality and commercial print modeling means personality.

Sending the photos to agencies: Send your photos to print modeling agencies. You could mail a few different shots, but make sure you are showing shots that show -not just your body, but your personality too. A shorter girl needs to accept that she can model and with the right photos and work get an agency, but she needs to apply a commercial look to her shots.

Doing your own work, Contacting brands: To contact some brands, you do need to be marketing savvy. Find out if any local lingerie designers are in your city, start googling to research some lingerie brands that might need a model. Contact the marketing department. It isn't always about the money for a new model, it is more about tear sheets, experience and putting together a portfolio. To get an agent, and get really paid with bigger brands.

Working with a brand and getting experience is important for a new model, and especially if it is in a catalog style, you can show these images to an agency, mail them, and hopefully they will be intrigued. You could also check out these websites to find out who are the vendors at industry trade events like Lingerie America's- , the vendors that showcase their lingerie at these events sometimes need models for their booth as well as print models.

Remember lingerie modeling isn't just about showcasing your great assets, it is about modeling a product and showcasing the undergarment as well. And even with a smile sometimes.

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