Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Internet Modeling and why it is a misleading world

Internet modeling is a very misleading world and place. I say place because these girls tend to think their cyber presence really is defined by being present somewhere, when really it is not. The place is just in their minds. Internet modeling is very misleading because it tells girls that by being apart of a social network they will be discovered, made a model, and that exposure is everything. Let me tell you...exposure is NOT everything on the web. Exposure for a girl who really wants to model happens when she mails her photo to a commerical print modeling agency. When she starts to really put in the real work and effort of what it means to self promote and buys a stamp. The internet is a cluttered place and that is what you will appear to be "another one, in the cluttered amatuer modeling world on the web," by thinking that internet modeling is legit.

I have looked through many internet modeling websites.,, and sadly not "hardly any" of these girls with profiles on these sites have quality photos, have been in magazines, have worked with a brand, or have really modeled at all. Just show offs. Teases, just living in this fantasy.

Well if you want to visit the real modeling business, you will have to skip the internet modeling scene. Skip making your Myspace account your latest website for your modeling photos, and skip trying to be a model by downloading your photos. It just won't happen. Not typically. There is a very few amount of girls on these websites who have in fact modeled, and do it and make good money at it, and are infact models, working with brands, magazines, and legit agencies.

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