Friday, December 5, 2008

How do I get a modeling agent? -Advice for Modeling

Here are 5 ways you can better market yourself to modeling agencies, it is based on my radio show segment on Model Talk Radio called "Marketing Yourself as a Model" and you can listen to the segment here. And this is what I covered:

1. Choose photographers wisely, the better people you work with the better your photos will be. Speak up about what you need to photographers to get the shots you need. Analyze the photographers work, and ask yourself, “Is this photographer credible, and as serious as I am?” There are too many guys with cameras out there, (sadly) and it is best to stick to the professional photographers. Even if it means a slower process to get images and get in front of the camera. It is better to have quality than quantity, and TFP and just focusing on being paid by some amateur photographer WILL NOT get you in front of an agent with the right photos. You want to take control, suggest ideas to photographers and be more involved with getting what you need to really get modeling.

2. Create great marketing material. You don’t need an agent to make a comp card and you will be glad you made one. Did you know that actually a compcard can HELP to you get a modeling agency? Getting a modeling agency and submitting to one, means submitting your own compcard. It is best to also control your own pursuits and have a business sense to understand how to create a compcard and how to market yourself with one. For more on that see this other post I wrote here on compcard marketing.

3. Don’t be afraid of your own mailings and submissions to magazine editors and agencies. Don’t be afraid to mail a magazine, and a photo editor for more on that see this Youtube video I made on How to Submit to a Magazine here.

4. Approach some local brands, salons, and ad agencies. Get a tearsheet and have a better shot at getting an agent. Working with aspiring brands can mean experience, exposure and a tearsheet, which all can impress a print modeling agency. It is better to submit to an agency some experience you have had, than nothing.

5. Be picky about the modeling work you do. I recently got a message from a girl who wanted some modeling advice and although she had a few tear sheets, none of them were that impressive. Meaning that none of them were helpful when it came to her other modeling goals. And showing them could even turn someone off. Don’t accept or submit to just any old modeling job, ask yourself. How will this job affect the other jobs I want to get? Aim higher, want bigger things and don’t settle just to call yourself a model, really strive to get honest and legit modeling work, that is what makes you a model.

Taking a chance on yourself is such a big thing when it comes to doing anything you want to accomplish. Trying is such a big thing and it starts with just taking the chance and putting yourself out there and doing it in the right ways.

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