Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Modeling Tips for a model casting and auditions- do you pay?

No you never pay for castings. A modeling agency sends you to a casting. Or if you are looking for your own work you might see a casting on an internet website, Craigslist. etc. But I do not advice to use the internet as a source for castings unless you are able to determine the scams and the good since there are little good and a lot of scams out there. Modeling forums, and social sites is not the best form to start modeling, the best way, to get the good casting opportunities with the good brands is by working with a modeling agency. So mailing headshots and photos to agencies is the best way to start modeling. Commercial print modeling agencies for shorter girls is best. That way if you get a call back, the agents that call you will have a history in the print modeling business and you won't waste time. So no. Do not pay to go to a casting. I never heard of that and that sounds like a serious scam. Paying for college is one thing, paying to go to a casting, is another. Modeling is a job, but you don't pay for a job interview do you? Same sort of thing.

If you join a casting service such as Backstage.com or Nycastings.com you will pay a monthly fee to get casting notices or to use their service, but typically an agent should not charge you to go to a casting and a company should not charge you go to as well. Scam!

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