Sunday, December 28, 2008

Creating Commercial Print Photos -do-it yourself

In the world of commercial print the smile is welcome. The pout is corny, and energy is wanted. When it comes to submitting photos to a modeling agency, consider if the photos you have show the real you. Your smile, personality, energy, which is what print agencies want to see. So here are 3 tips for creating commercial print modeling photos. Shorter girls need to grasp the idea of what opportunities are out there for them. The way to start it is to know what type of photos you really need to get ahead. Here are some basic things to consider when creating commercial print photos for modeling agency submissions.

1. Think of commercials and ads you could see yourself being in.

2. Create photos that involve real life situations, and shots that show you doing somethiing, in action, such as: washing a dish, fixing a shoe, brush your hair, sip a coffee cup, walk a dog, put on mascara, or you simply making dance like movements in a pretty dress.

3. Monkey see. Monkey do. Look at magazines and commercials and try to make your photos look like real ads. Try to make the shots look like you are telling a story or sharing a feeling, such as:
excitment, -getting a present, or a birthday cake
frustration -think of cold medicine commercials or ads,
happiness -think of bridal magazines or laughing with a puppy or friend.

It might sound corny but lifestyle photos like this are actually wanted by commercial print modeling agencies. They want to see your smile so make sure you have at least a few smile shots. I also call these "energy shots." To view other samples see these agencies websites for photo ideas, look at what the models have on their compcards and create yours!

Here are some agency websites to check out, notice the photos the models have and try to create some similar. This is commercial print! This is what you need.

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