Monday, December 22, 2008

Being a Model is more than Reality TV Models

What you might see on reality TV /America's Next Top Model, is not realistic when it comes to the actual work, and pursuit of being a model.

Now I am not talking about the fashion world, or girls who have been discovered, I am talking about today's world, when being discovered has really becomed discovering yourself.

Now technology can be deceiving and it takes more than a Myspace profile and a photo to make you a model and just the same it takes more than what you see on reality TV shows. The shows I have seen have been too fashion focused and also unrealistic in terms of what a model needs to work in the industry beyond posing, and havng her makeup done for a photo shoot.

Confidence is #1. Marketing skills is #2.
The Ambition to try is # 3

These 3 things are important for a girl who is not a tall girl. I honestly do not think being tall is everything and honestly I wouldn't want to be taller, but the fashion world likes the way clothing look on a tall girl so the shorter girl needs to understand where she DOES fit in the business and understand how to market herself.

On TV it appears to be about posing, holding snakes, balancing on tight ropes, and unrealistic things. You would think it was a circus audition, not a modeling show.

To work as a model if you are not a tall girl you have to market yourself to the right agencies. With the right photos, and you have to try, try, try.

Reality TV shows do not follow the girls after the show, you never hear what happens to these people. I worked on set for a film recently and one of the girls was on America's Next Top Model but you wouldn't have known it unless you were very into the show...the thing with reality TV is that there is so much reality they should cover, but yet they don't.

Especially when modeling is not just fashion these days. The advertising world is so much more commercial, and brands of all types need models of all ages, sizes, and shapes. A girl can get quicky deceived, and the TV shows are very negative, unrealistic, and present a fake impression of what it means to be a model.

The Internet can mess up a girl and most girls go to the internet and google modeling worlds and they sign up for profiles on amatuer modeling sites, and they do not really become models. They have this illusion of showing off and showing skin, and actually make mistakes and even lose their dignity before they even work with a modelng agency or product, and never really aspire to even try to model, because there is so much amatuer crap out there on the web. For a girl to FEEL hot,pretty, and ego boost. But that doesn't make her a model.

Modeling is about working with brands, shooting for a purpose, working with good agencies and this is something that not just tall models do. But no matter your height you have to want it, really try, really chase it, and make it happen for yourself.

Modeling is not a pursuit about 'someone else making your dreams happen' it is about you making them happen. And reality TV needs to talk about that part.

I hope to have my own show one day in the near future based on models of all heights.

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Lisa said...

Gosh! I totally hate modeling reality shows, especially "America's Next Top Model" and "Make Me A Supermodel"! Sometimes, they're full of cocky and arrogant contestants and I can't even stand those shows!

And you're right that they don't give a realistic perspective on modeling. Heck, even "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" on Oxygen is even worse because Janice (Dickinson) acts like a rotten, spoiled brat, especially towards her models and other people she's working with!