Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beauty modeling and Parts Modeling

Two forms of modeling a shorter girl can do is parts modeling and beauty modeling. For beauty modeling a girl that has an attractive face and facial features, eyes, proportioned face, nice skin tone, and clear skin, can model for makeup, skincare, and hair care.

For parts modeling a girl that is shorter and proportioned can model her legs, feet, hands, and parts for ad campaigns, catalogs and editorials.

A model should have close ups of her face and also her parts, and she should also show a natural face and one with makeup on it. She should make a compcard that shows her self in a commercial way, think ads for Covergirl, and hair care brands.

A Parts model should have close ups of her hands, feet, legs, and the "parts" she has to offer the industry. They should be shot in a commercial way. Think ads for nailcare, pantyhose, shoes, sun tan lotion. Looking at ads helps you stylist your photos.

A shorter model can be ALOT more than just another ass showing internet model, but she does have to be realistic with herself. Set realistic goals, and be smart and it takes more than just ambition, it takes work, and she needs to be serious about her pursuits and really try to get representation from an agency to book work with brands and magazines.

A short model can work with great brands and magazines but she does have to understand that modeling is a tough thing no matter the area you pursue, a girl who wants to model needs to be confident and able to handle rejection. Modeling is a business of rejection daily. And a shorter model should not expect to be jet set or working every single day and be a supermodel. Although a shorter girl can find modeling opportunities, but it does take time, work and a lot of effort to start and build her portfolio and reputation.

Submit your photos to agencies that are commercial print or parts modeling agencies.

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