Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Modeling Scams, Schools, Competitions, Conventions

Isobella shares insight on her thoughts on modeling scams, schools, the internet models, and the not-so-good are competitions and conventions for girls who want to work as models.

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What's a Modeling Contract? Do you need it


Not all models have contracts and actually less do. Don't be obsessed over the contract. Only a small percent of models have modeling exclusive contracts. Commercial print models take of more of the industry and they do not sign exclusive contracts usually. A girl that is short should pursue commercial print modeling, and for commercial print modeling there is not a contract to sign. Commercial print modeling agencies work with models on a freelance base normally. This means the model is free to also work with other agencies. Did you know that MOST models do not sign contracts. With all the scams, conventions and modeling schools out there it can be hard to tell if the agency contract is a scam. Here is my insight on Why you don't need to sign a contract, and why you shouldn't:

1. Why would you want to sign your modeling goals away without working with the agency first? Don't trust that someone will care about your pursuits as much as you without working with them. If an agency wants you to sign a contract and you are short, I would consider it a scam because a legit commercial print modeling agency only has non-exclusive contracts.

2. I would not sign exclusive with an agency because I want to be able to handle my own pursuits and not feel I can't be in control of my choices. I do not want to be limited and waiting for someone to call me, I want to be able to approach magazines and brands and with my do-it-yourself approach it is unconventional but I have seen it work and I plan to keep doing it, even while working with the agencies I work with today. Commercial print models not molded and told what to do as much as a fashion model is, and she is not given that personal hands on attention as a fashion agency treats their select models, a commercial print model is more free, more of her own business, so you do not have to sign a contract. Sure it would be nice to be jet set and have the phone ringing daily for modeling work, but modeling for the short girl just doesn't happen like that.

3. Being realistic is best. A contract might be something for your ego, but it doesn't mean you will get any modeling work with it. It is not a promise.

4. A contract is something in the fashion world, but not seen in the commercial print world.

5. A commercial print model has to make her own marketing material, compcard, modeling portfolio, she is a contractor and works with many agencies and gives her compcards to them each.

Some facts about Commercial print Modeling and Contracts You might be surprised to learn:

A non-exclusive contract is best because if you find your own freelancing work, you do not pay the agencies you are working with a commission but by signing an exclusive contract you would have to. What if you sign a contract that is exclusive -which means you can ONLY work with that agency...and then you submit your headshot to a casting director and they want to hire you for Law and Order but your contract with the agency says that you have to give the agency a percent of all monies you make. Or that you can NOT book work by freelancing.

First. When you are starting to work with a commercial modeling agency in NYC for example, there is not typically that moment of ok it is time to sign the contract now. You do not have to sign a contract. Infact I can't remember ever signing one at all over the years. In the business, it is not a 100% need, and it isn't the end-all to getting modeling work and working as a model. A freelance model working with many agencies will get more work and can find more opportunities. None exclusive contracts are best for a new model, especially one that is petite or not fashion height.

A commercial print model works as a freelance model, sort of like a small business and does her taxes like a small business and you can work with as many agencies as you want. Here is insight on working with an agency and payment:
If the agency books you a job they get a percent of your paycheck ( which is usually taken out before you get paid.)Typically 20% is normal If you made $1000 your check will read $800. I think a contract is bad news for a model with no experience, especially a short model, who is petite and chasing the commercial print market. A non-exclusive contract is the only thing you should sign. And you are allowed to work with numerous agencies at once. I work with 4 agencies in NYC currently.

Here are some websites to consider after I Googled: Signing a Modeling Contract/copy and paste:

Internet Modeling and why it is a misleading world

Internet modeling is a very misleading world and place. I say place because these girls tend to think their cyber presence really is defined by being present somewhere, when really it is not. The place is just in their minds. Internet modeling is very misleading because it tells girls that by being apart of a social network they will be discovered, made a model, and that exposure is everything. Let me tell you...exposure is NOT everything on the web. Exposure for a girl who really wants to model happens when she mails her photo to a commerical print modeling agency. When she starts to really put in the real work and effort of what it means to self promote and buys a stamp. The internet is a cluttered place and that is what you will appear to be "another one, in the cluttered amatuer modeling world on the web," by thinking that internet modeling is legit.

I have looked through many internet modeling websites.,, and sadly not "hardly any" of these girls with profiles on these sites have quality photos, have been in magazines, have worked with a brand, or have really modeled at all. Just show offs. Teases, just living in this fantasy.

Well if you want to visit the real modeling business, you will have to skip the internet modeling scene. Skip making your Myspace account your latest website for your modeling photos, and skip trying to be a model by downloading your photos. It just won't happen. Not typically. There is a very few amount of girls on these websites who have in fact modeled, and do it and make good money at it, and are infact models, working with brands, magazines, and legit agencies.

No Modeling Contract video

Here is a video on how it is unlikely that a new model, a short model, should not sign a modeling contract and how it isn't a typical thing in the commercial print modeling world. Which is the part of the industry a short girl should focus on.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Petite Models Overcoming the Internet Model Box

Let's get something clear. Websites that are portfolio hosting web sites and social internet communities for models, actors, photographers, and so called agencies are not legit.

Yet every day new models join social sites and yet they do it with a naive obsession with being seen and discovered, the majority of these girls are not tall. They are short. And they most likely only think modeling is fashion or Playboy. They do not understand what print modeling is, and they fall into this trap of becoming a tease, getting excited over hits and clicks on their social site profile page, and feeling "hot enough." Trust me. I know. I used to be that crazy girl. I used to think I was a model just because some guy with a camera wanted to photograph me. But I got my self together and learned that modeling, being a model, doesn't happen on social sites. It happens from castings, auditions, and by working with legit agencies. It is also a lot of work. A lot more work than just downloading a photo.

I think girls get excited over being seen, admired, being called hot, and crave being sexy and they find that showing off their photos lets them get this. Well ok. But this doesn't mean you are a model.

It seems a lot of short girls turn to internet modeling, and it is only getting bigger and bigger in the amount of girls who want to be models.

Yet, the short girl will have a challenge of getting agency attention with her social site page, but she will stick to it, because she will think that is all she can do to call herself a model. She wants to be a model real bad. Or at least call herself one. This social site is a place she can do so. Freely, without being judged and her ego, like she intended will be boosted. But she won't be a model.

My opinion is these girls don't really want to be models, they just want to show off their bodies and faces, and pose with amateurs and they do not see anything more for themselves.

My opinion is: I do not suggest a girl who REALLY wants to model to join a social site or online modeling community. I suggest she ONLY works with a professional photographer, not just any person with a camera,-that doesn't mean they are a photographer and have in mind interests that can benefit you and your modeling pursuits.

My opinion. I suggest this girl gets a compcard printed, or headshot and mails it to Commercial Print Modeling agencies, before you sign up for some social site. I suggest she looks at ads and editorials in magazines and try to create commercial print modeling photos and submit them to commercial print modeling agencies. A headshot is a good start at least.

Another reason why online internet sites for models are a bad idea is that there is NOT enough monitoring of scams and jerks, and perverts on these sites either. There is a huge risk of scams.

Also when you post any photo on the Internet keep in mind your future, would you want your teacher,or future boss to see the photos you are flaunting on this amateur social site? Usually whats on the Internet stays basically always even years later.

Would you want your mother seeing it? If the answer is no, then you should NOT post those photos. You should not be taking those photos, and beyond modeling you SHOULD always have other goals, plans and pursuits. Aim high and don't settle if you really want something.

If you look at ads, watch commercials and see billboards and think "I want to be that." Then you need to get off the modeling social sites and get with the real modeling world program. You need a modeling agency, a legit one, and you need to be more prepared and smart about your pursuits. Before you can be serious you have to take yourself seriously. You don't want to be limited within your pursuits because you are not taken seriously. Social sites are not taken seriously.

If you are wondering why you don’t have an agency or any legit modeling work yet…think of this: No legit photographer, agency or brand hunts for models on the Internet. They go to agencies, they take themselves seriously and they want a serious and professional model. So to start being one, you have to change your perception of what a model is, and understand what you CAN and Can’t do as a model and be realistic with yourself.

In the real world of modeling it doesn't matter how many profile views your photos have had on a social site or online community and it doesn't matter how many photos you have on your profile, and how many hits it has got. Top brands want to know if you can model their product, magazines want to know if you can manage their creative concept, and modeling agencies want to know you are professional.

Cheap Beauty Favorites with Isobella Jade

Isobella shares her 3 cheaper beauty favorites in this video.

Parts Modeling and Beauty Modeling for Petite Girls

Isobella shares modeling that petite's can do in this video. From Parts modeling, to print, to beauty modeling.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Modeling Submissions for the New Year

It is a good time of year to prepare your submissions to magazines and modeling agencies. It is a good time to get active and start to prepare to hustle. The New Year is a perfect to say hi again to agencies that might have dismissed you or not called. It is a perfect time to send a Happy New Years card to agencies you want to work with and keep the hustle on!

Modeling Agency Submission tips video

Isobella shares the self promotion that goes into modeling, from creating pics for submission, to mailing the right agencies and your own persistence.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Creating Commercial Print Photos -do-it yourself

In the world of commercial print the smile is welcome. The pout is corny, and energy is wanted. When it comes to submitting photos to a modeling agency, consider if the photos you have show the real you. Your smile, personality, energy, which is what print agencies want to see. So here are 3 tips for creating commercial print modeling photos. Shorter girls need to grasp the idea of what opportunities are out there for them. The way to start it is to know what type of photos you really need to get ahead. Here are some basic things to consider when creating commercial print photos for modeling agency submissions.

1. Think of commercials and ads you could see yourself being in.

2. Create photos that involve real life situations, and shots that show you doing somethiing, in action, such as: washing a dish, fixing a shoe, brush your hair, sip a coffee cup, walk a dog, put on mascara, or you simply making dance like movements in a pretty dress.

3. Monkey see. Monkey do. Look at magazines and commercials and try to make your photos look like real ads. Try to make the shots look like you are telling a story or sharing a feeling, such as:
excitment, -getting a present, or a birthday cake
frustration -think of cold medicine commercials or ads,
happiness -think of bridal magazines or laughing with a puppy or friend.

It might sound corny but lifestyle photos like this are actually wanted by commercial print modeling agencies. They want to see your smile so make sure you have at least a few smile shots. I also call these "energy shots." To view other samples see these agencies websites for photo ideas, look at what the models have on their compcards and create yours!

Here are some agency websites to check out, notice the photos the models have and try to create some similar. This is commercial print! This is what you need.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Models Black and White Photography- hide flaws

Black and White Photography can hide flaws and imperfections. Which can explain why for so long Headshots were done in Black White, today Headshots are in color and it is trendy to have your's that way. However when it comes to your modeling photos and modeling comcpard, it is ok to show a black and white images. Black and White photography can also hide flaws, scars are less noticable, let's say you have some flab on your butt, well when you are taking the lingerie shot, tell the photographer to shoot it in Black and White or when you get home transform it in Photo Shop. (For the Photoshop skills models should know see this past post here.)

Black and White Photography can even help add clevage and enhance shadows.

Have you see the Ray-ban ads? They are black and white sometimes.
Have you noticed Aveeno Ads? They have black and white images sometimes.

Models and Sexy photos, erotic, and sluttish photos

There is a difference between a sexy photo, an erotic photo, a fine art nude photo, and a slutty photo. And an aspiring model should be careful when choosing to pose naked.

I will be seen in the up-coming 09 issue of Nude Magazine, which is a fine art magazine and it is a very well done magazine that looks like a coffee table book/ magazine. The photos are sexy but in Black and White there is an obvious feeling of art.

I hope to share it with you soon.

However even it comes to posing nude, many girls pose nude or show their body in ways that are not beautiful or artful but more slutty, without thinking of how this photo will effect their future modeling plans.

If you are thinking of posing nude or curious about it here is a tip:

You don’t typically see a porn star or a girl in a pornographic pose modeling for top brands or in well respected magazines.

Ask yourself, “What would a female (or your mother, friends or sister) think of this photo?” If you can’t picture a female thinking the photo is pretty and interesting, then don’t shoot in that style.

If you want to model with great brands, magazines and agencies, you need to remember that modeling with an agency is about Advertising products. The agency makes money when their models work with brands that hire models, and most brands do not hire models that show themselves in a slutty way to world.

My advice: If you are shooting a nude, shoot it black and white, if you are thinking of a pose, don't think too hard, I suggest looking at some european magazines, and don't try so hard to be sexy. When it comes to creating body shots, think of ads for skincare, and beauty, and that involve jewelry.

I love nudes that involve accessories, a pretty peice of jewelry, a mysterious hat, a cool jacket, a sexy pair of shoes. I like lounging on the couch nude, not really trying...I like black and white photography, but I do not support the idea of being naked just for the sake of a man's hormones.

That get's old anways.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lingerie Modeling advice with Isobella Jade

Isobella shares the photos you need for lingerie modeling, and how it isn't just about you, but the product, garments, you are wearing when you pose. Agencies want to see that you can "work" a product, so forget flaunting it for no reason, if you want to model for brands and be more than just another wanna be model, then you have to get serious about your images and photos and shape them in ways that will intrigue an agency or lingerie brand.

Models and YouTube promotion

I recently saw a casting that read "Non paying but you will get credits and YouTube promotion."

Since when did Youtube promotion mean something good and quality? As great as cyber land is, it is not respected enough for an aspiring model or actor to bank on Youtube promotion. I highly doubt a real modeling agent, manager, or casting director will scroll Youtube for talent. Youtube can be good for some things, but I wouldn't consider it a convincing factor to just get Youtube Promotion from a gig you do.

It makes me think about how the Internet can be a legit place and also a not-so-legit place. I think many people have gotten too obsessed over the Internet, thinking that it is all a person, singer, model, actor needs to get ahead and be discovered.

And although the Internet is a great research tool, for those questions such as,
"Is this agency legit- Go to Google."
" Is this photographer a jerk?- Go to Google."
"Is this production company honest? Go to Google."

The Internet has a research tool is important, but as a sole marketing promotion tool it is not the ONLY thing a person needs.

Putting your reel on Youtube, and your credits, or modeling exposure in a spec commercial, but you should also have a physical reel. A DVD burned with your credits as well. The real agents, producers, and people in the Biz, do not take the Internet as seriously as they take physical in their hands promotional tools.

If you are only using the Internet to call yourself a model, and you do not have a modeling agency...-that is the reason why. Modeling agencies want to see your physical photos, reel, and experience. Do not direct them to your Youtube account or your online portfolio, it is not taken seriously. The Internet may be popular but the population means there is a lot of amateurs out there, so beware and don't come off "just like every other wanna be," and "strive to be unique and prepared in ways that REALLY will get you ahead."

Sure I put my Modeling Tip Videos on Youtube, but when it comes to modeling work getting Youtube promotion isn't enough pay for me :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Petite Models- Why you aren't a model yet

Modeling involves alot of self will these days, and just calling yourself a model doesn't mean you are one.

The hustle it takes to market yourself, get a good agent, get good work and get paid for a quality modeling job that makes you able to call yourself a model, takes more than just a cute face or being the right size or height. It takes will.
So if you are wondering why things are not working out for you, ask yourself,

"Are you really trying?

Are you trying in the right ways?

Are you modeling for real or just for the thought of it?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Commercial Print Modeling tips

If a short girl wants to model, she needs to get over fashion fast. There will not be a modeling scout discovering you, and it will take more than one agency usually to book you modeling jobs. It is not a jet set pursuie, it is a very hands-on-hustle for a shorter girl. There is a lot of do-it-yourself-things- it involves. From creating a modeling compcard, to planning proper photoshoots, and mailing photos to agencies, and putting together a portfolio. Not to mention knowing how to pose, and how to manage the business and understand the facets involved. So here are some tips for a shorter girl:

1. One modeling agency is not the key to an aspiring new model. Unlike fashion, a commercial print model can freelance with many agencies at once and should, because unlike fashion you will not be given the type of hands on attention and you might expect, and you might still be waiting for the phone to ring. This is why more than one agency is a good idea. Especially if you want to explore TV commercials or opportunities in films and TV shows.

A commercial print model is not only different in size than a fashion model, but also within the expectations of what working with the agency is like.

Many shorter models are commercial print models. Print modeling agencies book models for tv, ad campaigns, music videos, print ads for all types of products, but not fashion products.

2. These agencies work with many models. Unlike a fashion agency where there may only be like 30 girls on the modeling agency roster and maybe 10 working constantly, for commercial print there could be 100 or more models working with the agency.

In NYC, Commercial Print modeling agencies such as Cunningham Escott, FFT Models, Flaunt Models, Parts models, and others (see the side of myblog for others), work with models on a freelance bases. It means you are not expected to ONLY work with these agencies but you are free to work with other agencies as well, and you have to be careful not to conflict the days you are booked with other agencies' jobs.

Think of a freelance writer, you might get writing gigs from different publications, same with commercial print models, you might get booked for modeling jobs from different agencies.

Yet of course, you don't want to get booked a job and then have another agency book you a job on the same day and time. If this happens, you should go with the agency that called you first.

But a main misconception is that a model works with one agency and that agency does all the work and the model just looks pretty and gets directed like a rag doll....just so not true for a commercial print model. A new model should be working with many agencies, and it is normal for her to have a compcard and mail it to many until she gets a few interested and she should.

One agency is not the trick for a new commercial print model. Until you have an established portfolio it is very hard to rely on one agency to book you constant work. And there is no need to sign exclusive with a modeling agency until you have an established portfolio and you seek out more serious hands-on representation.

A commercial print model should not sign a contract with an agency and a legit commercial print modeling agency will not ask you to,- and you should not be forced to use the agency photographer and should not pay for a compcard through the agency, just use or a printing place in your area (there is a list of other printing sources on my blog as well, or google modeling compcards).
Some scamming modeling agencies rip girls off with this comp card printing situation big time!

I make all my compcards myself. And to get the agencies I work with I have mailed them, over and over, until the card worked and I heard from them. No open call, no discovery at the mall. Me. I mailed my photo myself. The comp card I made. It can take practice to get the right shots you need that a commercial print modeling agency wants to see and I will share more on that soon. Being a model is not something that just happens because you are pretty...or a certain height.

But if you are shorter you have to be confident enough to handle the rejection, maintain the hands on approach, and keep trying.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Being a Model is more than Reality TV Models

What you might see on reality TV /America's Next Top Model, is not realistic when it comes to the actual work, and pursuit of being a model.

Now I am not talking about the fashion world, or girls who have been discovered, I am talking about today's world, when being discovered has really becomed discovering yourself.

Now technology can be deceiving and it takes more than a Myspace profile and a photo to make you a model and just the same it takes more than what you see on reality TV shows. The shows I have seen have been too fashion focused and also unrealistic in terms of what a model needs to work in the industry beyond posing, and havng her makeup done for a photo shoot.

Confidence is #1. Marketing skills is #2.
The Ambition to try is # 3

These 3 things are important for a girl who is not a tall girl. I honestly do not think being tall is everything and honestly I wouldn't want to be taller, but the fashion world likes the way clothing look on a tall girl so the shorter girl needs to understand where she DOES fit in the business and understand how to market herself.

On TV it appears to be about posing, holding snakes, balancing on tight ropes, and unrealistic things. You would think it was a circus audition, not a modeling show.

To work as a model if you are not a tall girl you have to market yourself to the right agencies. With the right photos, and you have to try, try, try.

Reality TV shows do not follow the girls after the show, you never hear what happens to these people. I worked on set for a film recently and one of the girls was on America's Next Top Model but you wouldn't have known it unless you were very into the show...the thing with reality TV is that there is so much reality they should cover, but yet they don't.

Especially when modeling is not just fashion these days. The advertising world is so much more commercial, and brands of all types need models of all ages, sizes, and shapes. A girl can get quicky deceived, and the TV shows are very negative, unrealistic, and present a fake impression of what it means to be a model.

The Internet can mess up a girl and most girls go to the internet and google modeling worlds and they sign up for profiles on amatuer modeling sites, and they do not really become models. They have this illusion of showing off and showing skin, and actually make mistakes and even lose their dignity before they even work with a modelng agency or product, and never really aspire to even try to model, because there is so much amatuer crap out there on the web. For a girl to FEEL hot,pretty, and ego boost. But that doesn't make her a model.

Modeling is about working with brands, shooting for a purpose, working with good agencies and this is something that not just tall models do. But no matter your height you have to want it, really try, really chase it, and make it happen for yourself.

Modeling is not a pursuit about 'someone else making your dreams happen' it is about you making them happen. And reality TV needs to talk about that part.

I hope to have my own show one day in the near future based on models of all heights.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Petite Models- Submitting to Modeling Agencies

The effort you put in is what you get when it comes to getting a modeling agency to work with you.

Representation seems to always be the most popular question among girls who want to be models. Here are some suggestions.

1. Keep the mailings going. Alot of girls give up after the first try.

2. Do you have any experience at all? Make sure you tell the agency in a letter, that you have some experience. Unlike fashion, commercial print modeling agencies will not mold you and create for you your modeling career, a commercial print model can actually get in the door with a commercial print modeling agency by showing she DOES have some experience. Experience is not a modeling school, it is not a modeling contest, experience is working with a brand, could be a small jewelry company, but something that shows the agent that you have worked in a professional environment before.

3. Target yourself with the right photos. Many girls create the wrong photos, too many photos and not enough of the ones they need to get a modeling agency. If you do not have a modeling agency working with you then ask yourself, "am I marketing myself the wrong way."

A modeling agency submission should include your photo, compcard, or headshot, or all, and information about you, your modeling interested, something like this

"Hi, I recently working with an aspiring handbag designer for her online catalog, I would like to be considered for print and editorial opportunities at your agency, you can contact me at (your number)646-XXX-XXXX."

You should also put your phone number on your compcard and on the back of the photos you send. Don't make the agency hunt for your phone number. Don't put your Myspace account, website, or online portfolio site. Ironically this stuff doesn't matter to a modeling agent. Agencies want to see physical photos. Your online presence is not meaningful to a modeling agency, they want to see physical photos in their hands. So mail them directly.

See the post below for ideas for photos, and remember, you have to chase what you want...being hot. downloading a photo on the internet, doesn't make you a model....yet.

Petite Models Model Talk Radio

Enjoy this segment on Model Talk Radio on The Petite Model Perspective. It includes the do's and don't for an aspiring petite model, shorter model out there trying to get an agency and legit modeling jobs with good brands. Overall it is all about what you want, and what you chase, and what you make happen. You can listen to the segment here:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Petite Models Shorter Models Yes You Can Model

I believe in self promotion and especially if you are a short girl you have to be ambitious to be a model. But Skip the Modeling schools. Skip paying for stuff you don't need to pay for. And start putting the effort into what you DO need.

If you are shorter, you should not focus on fashion modeling at all. You should focus on where you fit into this modeling business. Perhaps your perception of modeling needs some change first. So here are some new ways of thinking about the word model:

1. Internet modeling is not a smart way to start modeling.
2. Don't ever go to modeling conventions.
3. If you get stopped on the street by a scout, or at the mall...think twice about it, today's world is different than the supermodel tales you hear of girls being scouted on the streets of Paris or St.Louis.
4. Modeling means working with products and brands, not just posing.

If you have not thought about ads and commercials that involve lifestyle models, and commercial print models then you should. A shorter model should pay attention to ads and commercials that involve people of all heights and sizes.

There are models of all heights and sizes working, you are not one of them maybe because you are not marketing yourself properly.

Also remember spending money on photos is not needed, but the photos should be in focus and she be honest photos of you, with not too much makeup, just natural, think of an Aveeno ad or Jewerly ad, or Gap ad--more lifestyle...less fashion...more you...less posy. A commercial print modeling agent wants to see things a fashion modeling agency might not want to see...

1. A shot with a smile.
2. A headshot without a smile.
3. Energy shot, smiling laughing, doing something.
4. Full body shot. Could be in bikini, fitness clothing, or dress..but do not become a posy, cheesy, pin up. A commercial print modeling agency wants to see your personality, but not your corny cheesy pin up face.

A commercial print modeling agency is good for a petite model to consider mailing a few photos to, but a petite model should also remember what a commercial print modeling agency thinks like: They think of products, of personality, and of brands, so if you see an ad involving handbags, shoes, sunglasses, nailpolish, skincare, haircare, it was most likely a commercial print modeling agency that booked the model the job.

Petite Models: No Free Model Lunch

Remember if you want to short cut, the show off route of calling yourself a model, you have to accept that you are not going in the direction of being a real model. There is no free lunch when it comes to becoming a model, working with agencies, and great brands and magazines. The word model has become a word that means "a tease," a slut, a gold digger," which is sad. To me to be a model there is no free lunch, it is a work at it, and do-it-yourself, and make it happen pursuit.

If you are not willing to get the photos you need, research the agencies that you should submit to that work for you and your realistic chances, and make your own portfolio, and be ambitious, then you are not striving to be a model, because realistically that is what it takes. There is no free lunch. It doesn't matter how pretty you are, or tall, or hot, it has to do with your "want" and if you want to do it seriously.

Being realistic with your self is such an important part of striving for anything you want in life. Realistic with an ambitious cover coating.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Petite Models being a model

To me it takes more than being able to download my photo on the internet to call myself a model. Modeling involves being able to work with products, represent them, and it takes more than just a pretty face or hot is a huge ambition.

Petite Models and Modeling Schools?- whats the deal with a school for modeling?

Unfortunately your credits with a modeling school like Barbizon will only get you so far, most modeling schools are not respected in the ‘real modeling industry’ so I would focus on three things: your headshot, and beauty shots and energy shots and submit photos to a commercial print modeling agency, such as FFT Models in NYC, or Flaunt models,or Parts Models. Shorter models can find modeling opportunities but it is more about how they market themselves towards the print modeling world; it is really easy to walk down the wrong runway, and work with the wrong people, amateurs/ -So focus on the print modeling world, which is more accepting of people of all heights. Watch commercials and notice ads in magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, cooking magazines, knitting magazines, travel, all need models. And they are not high fashion models. So focus on how you are marketing yourself and the best thing is to try. Get your photos, get your comp card printed, and get your headshot and mail, mail, mail! Forget worrying about what you aren’t use what you have. There is even an agency in NYC called Ugly Models that works with models that are corky or unique for ads and commercials. There is opportunity, you just have to chase it and really try.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Modeling Tips for a model casting and auditions- do you pay?

No you never pay for castings. A modeling agency sends you to a casting. Or if you are looking for your own work you might see a casting on an internet website, Craigslist. etc. But I do not advice to use the internet as a source for castings unless you are able to determine the scams and the good since there are little good and a lot of scams out there. Modeling forums, and social sites is not the best form to start modeling, the best way, to get the good casting opportunities with the good brands is by working with a modeling agency. So mailing headshots and photos to agencies is the best way to start modeling. Commercial print modeling agencies for shorter girls is best. That way if you get a call back, the agents that call you will have a history in the print modeling business and you won't waste time. So no. Do not pay to go to a casting. I never heard of that and that sounds like a serious scam. Paying for college is one thing, paying to go to a casting, is another. Modeling is a job, but you don't pay for a job interview do you? Same sort of thing.

If you join a casting service such as or you will pay a monthly fee to get casting notices or to use their service, but typically an agent should not charge you to go to a casting and a company should not charge you go to as well. Scam!

To get casting notices sign up for:


Modeling tips: What is a Model casting?

A casting is a model audition; most likely a modeling agent will send you to it. Usually they are held in photo or casting studios, or sometimes the offices of the brand or magazine. For the casting you will visit a casting director, editor of the magazine, or the art director for a certain job. Let's say the casting involves a hair product ad campaign, and then you should show up with your hair basic, like how it normally is, unless instructed by the person sending you to the casting. Once at the casting you will give the casting director your photo, and you might have your photo taken as well while we are there, so be prepared to smile, or do whatever the vibe of the product is.

You might be told to show a front facial shot, a side profile view, and to smile, or not smile- depending on the vibe of the product. And what the casting director is looking for.

Sometimes the casting director is with the company/product, brand that is looking for model for their ad campaign, etc, sometimes the casting director is hired from the company/product and brand and the casting director takes pics and photos of the models at the casting and then gives them to the brand, company and product's marketing people and they pick a model. It all depends.

You should bring a photo of yourself with you that fits the vibe of the casting. Or your compcard or headshot. Put your agency phone number on it, or if you found this casting yourself put your phone number on it. (always be careful when marketing yourself as a model and trying to find work, there are alot of scams out there. Do not show up for a casting from a post on the internet without looking into it, and asking questions first. It is not worth it to fall prey to a scam or jerk!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Photography for Models- the photos Models Need

Trying to model really means being smart about the photos you need. I think a lot of girls are in such a rush to call themselves a model they miss out on the photos they really need and then why wonder:

"why don't I have a modeling agency?"

"Why am I not getting where I want to get?"

"Why am I not a model yet?"

It is your photos.

A model needs to be careful about how she markets herself and working with photographers should not just be a creative moment of freedom. It should be work.

I recently received a comment from a photographer on this blog about how models, "So many of them feel that we should only shoot the highly ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff. I often fail at getting them to understand that the ‘creative’ and ‘edgy’ stuff doesn’t get me, as a photographer, paid. It’s the shots that are seen in contemporary publications (as you point out in your blog broadcasts) that are the “money shots” for me. However, many of the aspiring models see me as a non-creative, fuddy-duddy. (I’ll get over it.)"

I find this interesting because many of girls have this perception that edgy, sexy, taking it off makes them a model. If you are a shorter girl, this will only get you so far. If you want to be hot, call yourself a model, then ok take it off with pride, but if you want to really model you need to think more carefully about the photos you need to produce which WILL actually help book you modeling work and help you to get a legit modeling agent.

Producing a headshot and beauty shot is important. Also showing your body but not in such a slutty way is important too. Notice the photos I have included in this post as an example.

Of course you still show some skin but showing it can involve beauty shots, jewelry shots, more than just showing off what you got, but instead: Using what you got to show you can indeed model.

Instead of trying to turn on the photographer so much, why not try to be a real model instead? The photographer might even thank you for it!

More than a Glamour Model- Glamour Modeling tips

If you want to model and you are short, glamour modeling might have come into your mind, but glamour modeling is not a smart choice for a girl who wants to really model.

The reason: brands, modeling agencies, most main stream magazines, and products, do not typically respect it. If you want to seriously model, work with brands and magazines, then don't limit yourself by only doing glamour modeling shots. If you want to get a modeling agency you need to show that you have energy, a nice smile, and personality. It might sound boring, but honestly the most simple shot of you in a dress, laughing, or walking a dog, is going to book you legit modeling work that pay very well quicker than just showing your ass for no reason, just to show off.

I really can't stand glamour models.

I love wearing lingerie, but I am no glamour model. I have way more to offer than that. Don't you? I think of glamour modeling as something girls do to show off, tease, and as an ego boost. Not really to become models. Modeling means you have to model something. Look up the word model, or modeling in the dictionary.

"a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising. "

Modeling just for someone holding a camera doesn't mean you are a model...yet.

Although glamour modeling can be a choice for a shorter girl to find some photography opportunities, it will not lead her to working with brands, or magazines, or legit agencies. Mostly it will not lead her to have a long pursuit.

If you really want to model, if you are short, don't limit yourself. The only way you should glamour model is:

In the style of a lingerie campaign, think Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, type photos. Photos that involve a product, not just you and your cheesy pin up face.

Glamour Models are not Bettie Paige today

While reading the article on Bettie Paige's life and death in the LATIMES today I felt inspired to share some thoughts on how it is hard to be a "Bettie Paige" today and find real modeling success. Monetarily and respectfully.

The first photographer's she worked with were amateurs and she might have been considered in the internet age "just another show off model on Myspace" but in the
1950's her edgy photos and pinups would leave a mark that girls of ModelMayhem and usually do not gain.

Prancing around with a whip and a bondage pose usually doesn't lead a girl to become a global iconic figure but more of a "porn star" or "slutty thing."

In that regard, Bettie beat the odds. Turned her fun and play into a business that has made a Queen of pinups.

However the article in the LATIMES quotes her saying, ""I had lost my ambition and desire to succeed and better myself; I was adrift," Page recalled. "But I could make more money in a few hours modeling than I could earn in a week as a secretary."

I think many aspiring models that are "web models," and “internet models" amateurs would agree. But today you can quickly become "another wanna be" faster than in the 1940's and 50's when less girls wanted to be models, and more of them just wanted to be a secretary.

My question is: Who marketed her images? The photographers? Did she make any money from this branding over the past century? If so how did it happen.

I think it is hard for a girl to be a Bettie Paige today, and make a living from it. Bettie Paige stopped modeling at 35, and that is not the life line of modeling today, but if a girl is trying to be a sexy model until she is 40, she will not be taken as seriously as if she was a commercial print model working with brands, ad campaigns and representing commercial products such as jewelry ads, travel ads and magazines, panty hose, tampons, skincare and beauty products.

Being a Bettie Paige today is a short lived pursuit and it can even limit your chances as a model actually. Especially if you are petite like Bettie, who stood only 5'5."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Models Finding Photographers- the good and bad

It is a hard thing. The web doesn't make it easier. It can make it harder sometimes. Finding a good photographer for an aspiring model has gotten harder. So many girls email me with questions about “how can I find a good photographer.” I do not think the web is the best place to find a photographer. There are so many scumbags, and so many weird people out there trying to mingle with girls and saying they are a photographer on social modeling sites…It is Sick. Yet if you are an aspiring model it doesn't have to involve risk or a bad situation to find a photographer, BUT you have to DO THE WORK to find a good photographer, so here are some tips:

1.Are you working with photographers who are as serious as you? That is number 1. Focus on working with photographers that are serious and ambitious, professional and quality. This will mean not just using the internet to find a photographer but
A.Stopping by photography schools
B.Photo labs and asking if they can refer a photographer
C.The yellow pages. It might sound old school but photographer’s that shoot headshots, weddings, and have a photography business are less likely to be a jerk, and more likely to want to work with a girl who has a professional mindset.

2. Remember Money alone doesn’t always make you a model: getting paid as an amateur model by amateur photographer doesn't make you a model. Focus more on the quality of your photographs than how much money per hour you are getting. Being an internet model is corny. It does take work to find a good photographer. It takes more than just downloading your photo on a social site and waiting for a photographer to contact you. Usually you will only meet wanna be, amateurs this way. Those people are NOT who you want to work with if you REALLY want to model. You need photos that will benefit you. Headshot, beauty shot, commercial print modeling shots.

3. What do you NEED: You need to KNOW what photos you need as a model, not just sit in front of the camera clueless. So do your homework on what a model needs photography wise and what modeling agencies want to see. Go to commercial print modeling websites such as Flaunt models, FFT models, and start noticing what the photos of the models there have photo wise.

4.Before you work with the photographer: Use technology and Google the name of the person you want to work with. See if any models have put warnings out on the photographer, be a smart model and don’t just work with someone because you think they seem nice and have quality work.

There are many scams, jerks, and perverts out there. Even when you might think someone is professional they are not. Fraud happens all over. This is an article about a hedge fund fraud recently in the Wall Street Journal. No matter your pursuits there are scams everywhere.

It is up to you to be smart about your pursuits, be skeptical and do the work to get quality.

New potential victims emerged of Wall Street veteran Bernard Madoff's alleged giant Ponzi scheme, with international banks, hedge funds and wealthy private investors among those sorting out what could amount to tens of billions of dollars in losses.”

Nude thongs for Modeling jobs

During my last modeling job the stylelist told me "you should have bought a nude thong," of course I should have but I forgot to put it in my bag at last minute. Usually I am prepared. A model should have a lot of nude colored thongs.

I suggest going to H&M, Target, Wal-Mart, to get them. Sometimes other stores like Forever 21 can be good choices. You don't want to spend a ton on them because they could even get ruined fast at modeling jobs.

Consider airbrush makeup and touchup that goes on for jobs down there, especially for swimwear or bikini shots, your thong could get stained if airbrush makeup is used.

So you don't want to ruin a $20 pair of panties each time.

Also consider that you will need more than one pair and should bring a pair or two pairs to shoots.

Also for even leg modeling jobs, you might have a certain outfit you will need to wear and you do not want your black panty to show through a white skirt you might have to wear. Nude color is best.

You should get thongs. To wear under lingerie you might need to wear for a job, or if the stylelist hands you a thong or undergarments to wear you should protect yourself and wear a thong always underneath!

These are "work" panties.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Model Isobella Jade's Recession Manicure Tips

Enjoy these tips on how to keep your nails looking great for less. How to keep that manicure lasting and how to keep your nails strong and pretty. I made this segment originally for AOL's

You can view other videos on beauty advice I have made on here.

Recession Manicure Tips from Styledash on Vimeo.

half naked girl on the internet-The Bad

Whenever I see a half naked girl on the internet with bad lighting, make up, and look, I say to myself "it's all how you choose to market yourself."

To be a model you really have to have a marketing mentality and be smart about how you present yourself.

Body part modeling and modeling semi nude or even nude for an ad campaign for a skincare company or legit magazine editorial is fine, but posing for no reason half naked in a really bad pose is just foolish.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Does the Photographer own the rights to my photos?

Have you ever seen your photo on a website, or photographer's website and you didn't like it? Have you ever felt ripped off by how a photographer treated your photos, or have you ever been confused over who has the rights to the photos you took with the photographer this post is for you.

The Photographer and You - who owns the photo?

My advice so you don't run into a photo issue with the photographer you have chosen to work with is basically four words: Get It In Writing.

A professional photographer will give you all the images and even touch up a couple for you and you should leave the day or your shoot or very close to after, with a CD or images in one format or another in your hand. It should not be a struggle to get your work period!

You want to own the photos or at least own them "enough" to where you get to use them and you don't have to fight to get what you shot.

I have had some bad experiences in the past and the photographer's will not be named, but I have worked with some photographer who have NOT given me what was assumed, and I wish I had it in writing.

What if you paid the photographer and you have not gotten what you paid for?

Before you pay, set up a shoot, or even meet the photographer, ask questions. Over the phone or in emails, THAT is number one.

Ask: Do I get rights to all the photos?
Ask: Do I have to also pay for touch up, if so how much?

An aspiring model told me that she did a shoot with a photographer, paid him, and he only gave her a selection of the photos, and if she wants more, she has to pay to have them touched up because he doesn't want his image out there without being touched up. What! Yes, this is true. Sounds pretty shaddy huh? Well it happens all the time. And it is terrible.

With respect to photography a photographer has the right to want to clean up the images, but the model shouldn't have to go through such a struggle to update her portfolio and she should be able to get ALL the images taken. She is paying for each shot of the camera, and this is also why FILM, is actually better when it comes to photographer, because you get a certain amount of shots, and those are yours, and when the film is done, the shoot is done, and you know what you should be getting, two rolls of film, vs. whatever-shots-the photographer-wants to give you from the photo disk.

I would talk about your shoot ahead of time, talk about the shots you are expecting and even say a number, "I would like to shoot 100 shots and see what we get and pick my favorite 20 to use for my portfolio and compcard."

Photographers can be your friend, sure, thats fine, but still if you have never worked with the photographer before GET IT IN Writing!

Even if you think the photographer is your friend and can be trusted, photography is a business, and many photographer are not jerks but they do sell their images and they do have the rights to the photos and models can sometimes be left in the dark with 5 images and a big debt and unable to get the images they need.

You want to make sure when you are shooting headshots, or any portfolio images that you have an agreement, in writing, that the images, whether film or digital, are in your right. To use them, print them, and perhaps even submit them to magazines, and use them for your own promotion.

You are paying for them right. So treat your photos like a business too and make sure they are yours. Keep track of names, numbers, dates, and agreements in writing. Write your own agreement don't just sign the photographer's, have them sign your's.

I love photography, and I work with great photographers, but I also think a lot of models get ripped off so becareful.

I like these nudes- posing nude in a good way

It is possible to pose nude, use your body to model but not be a slut. I like these two magazine covers and I think you will get the vibe I am talking about by looking at them.

I like the added accessories, shoes, and the tie, - jewelry is also a good choice. If you want to show your body in lingerie, or nude, remember you do not have to slut-it-out, you can keep it clean and sexy at the same time, and intriguing.

When it comes to modeling agents, you can send body shots but like I mention on Model Talk Radio, you want to keep your shots looking editorial, catalog, ad campaign and agent friendly.

Please don't just shoot nude for the heck of it, make your shoots have a purpose and be picky of who you let photograph you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lingerie Modeling on Model Talk Radio

Enjoy this segment on Model Talk Radio about lingerie modeling, like a few posts I put up below this subject is needed because the word lingerie model has turned into the word slut. And it doesn't have to be like that....or don't have to be like that.

Enjoy this segment about how to pose, create photos, and how to get legit lingerie work:

Lingerie modeling - creating your photos

Lingerie modeling is not just glamour and for Maxim and men, lingerie modeling is also for ad campaigns, brands and involves real modeling. And also real work. As a shorter girl it might seem impossible but you have a couple choices to make when it comes to your modeling pursuits, you can be more of a model, or just a tease. Many girls call themselves lingerie models but yet they have never worked with a lingerie brand...something is wrong with that picture to me. Here are tips on how to create better lingerie photos that are more sellable and suitable for agencies so you can really call yourself a lingerie model that works with brands.

Finding a photographer: Make sure he doesn't just want to take a photo of your ass and that's it. Work with photographers that understand the craft of photographer and who are open to your vision and ideas. Tell the photographer you are interested in catalog like shots, not just glamour. Get the photos you really need! Bring samples in magazines, and ads, of what you are talking about to the photographer.

Creating your photos: Atmosphere and styling are important, as well as posing. Don't pose to tough, teasing or stiff, no pouty lips, well you can do some, but honestly what you NEED is a lifestyle, catalog like shot of yourself in all type of lingerie and under garments. Including full back panties, thongs, boyshorts, and in all different pose styles. You could be getting ready infront of the mirror, bending just enough to show some curves, and putting on mascara. Not even looking at the camera, but it looks like an ad. Don't be afraid of smiling, catalog lingerie and underwear modeling means having personality and commercial print modeling means personality.

Sending the photos to agencies: Send your photos to print modeling agencies. You could mail a few different shots, but make sure you are showing shots that show -not just your body, but your personality too. A shorter girl needs to accept that she can model and with the right photos and work get an agency, but she needs to apply a commercial look to her shots.

Doing your own work, Contacting brands: To contact some brands, you do need to be marketing savvy. Find out if any local lingerie designers are in your city, start googling to research some lingerie brands that might need a model. Contact the marketing department. It isn't always about the money for a new model, it is more about tear sheets, experience and putting together a portfolio. To get an agent, and get really paid with bigger brands.

Working with a brand and getting experience is important for a new model, and especially if it is in a catalog style, you can show these images to an agency, mail them, and hopefully they will be intrigued. You could also check out these websites to find out who are the vendors at industry trade events like Lingerie America's- , the vendors that showcase their lingerie at these events sometimes need models for their booth as well as print models.

Remember lingerie modeling isn't just about showcasing your great assets, it is about modeling a product and showcasing the undergarment as well. And even with a smile sometimes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Modeling lingerie tips

Modeling underwear and lingerie should not only be a glamour thing in your portfolio.You should also market yourself for catalog work. In a print and lifestyle and commercial way. Commercial print modeling is best for petite and shorter girls to consider to pursue but this does not mean an itchy sweater, but there is a fine line between slutty and working as a real model. You should consider posing in ways that look like a lingerie catalog, not just in Maxim style. You will have better luck with agents if you pose in ways that make you look like you are selling a product, working with a brand, and actually modeling something.

An agent will like that too. Commercial print modeling agencies want to see that you can "work" a product. Not just yourself.

Panties at Forever 21 $5 or less!

I really love H&M, but you know' I am liking Forever 21 Panties too right now.

Here are my favorites, all are less than $5!

These are great for photo shoots to create catalog like shots for your portfolio and compcard. A petite girl should remember that the glamour shots are less likely to intrigue a commercial print modeling agency, a commercial modeling agent wants to see your body in a commercial way.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Modeling tips -How do I model this?

A model has to not only look nice, but be able to mesh into many atmospheres. Many jobs are not always descriptive and you have be able to basically "figure it out yourself," or in a "short period of time," how to pose, create the concept, and use your body, face, and energy to get the look needed quickly. Usually a model is only booked for a certain amount of time which is why a model needs to be able to work fast, understand the job, and get it done quickly.

The other day I had to shoot ten outfits and shoes and with the help of the art director, photographer and team had to make each shot look different, unique, but still at the same time, the shot had to have the same look and consistency of the brand. We succeeded and all got home early even, but it was work.

To me modeling isn’t just posing and being the rag doll, it is really about knowing how to model. And how to make the atmosphere, shoe, product, ect, look good. And mesh into the role of model and play your part well.

Photo shoot tips: Where is the Camera?

Do you know where the camera is and what it is seeing?

Even if you are not behind the camera taking the photo you can still understand what it is taking by taking note to the angle the camera is, asking the photographer what part of your body he/she is shooting and by knowing if it is a close up or a shot with more room.

Understanding the camera perspective can be helpful when it comes to posing as a model,especially a parts model.

Today I had a hand modeling job for a food magazine again and for these detailed shots the camera is above the able and the models are posed around it and told to cut pizza's, scoop a bowl of veggies, gracefully drop some basil on the plate, pretend as if you are reaching for another breadstick, spread pesto, grab a glass of wine, ect, to make the shot look realistic from above, as if a bird is looking down at their picnic. Of course you are given direction. But as the model your mind as to also be aware of the perspective of the camera.

Angling your hand a certain way might feel weird but the camera will SEE it as looking normal, correct, nice, pretty, if done the right way.

Sometimes cheating the shot is helpful too,- moving your hand, body in a way that might appear awkward as you do it, but on the camera is looks right. Could be placing your hand or body at a certain angle that might feel off, but the camera will see it from above, or from their perspective as looking right.

If you are holding a knife, perhaps pointing your forefinger slighting is a good idea. Stretching your finger slightly but keeping it relaxed at the same time can make it look longer and more danty, gentle, soft.

Even when it is "just a food shot," the details need to be given attention to, and a model whether she is modeling one part or her whole body, should be aware of the camera, and how to work together with it, to get the shot needed.

Recession Hair Cut Tips with Isobella Jade

Enjoy this video I made for AOL's on my Recession Hair Cut Tips. You don't have to go broke to look good.

For ways you can save money but still have nice looking hair, click to watch the video here:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Petite Models need to be Marketing Savvy

If you are a petite girl and you want to model you really need to be a few things that have nothing to do with the "modeling" thing, to get an agency and to get work as a model.

#1. Be able to market yourself, and know how to. This means knowing how to approach agencies and not being afraid to. Tip: Sending a smile shot to a commercial print modeling agencies and do not mail half naked amatuer photos and fashion shots. A shorter model needs to understand that her personality has to come into play to get a commercial print modeling agency working with her.

#2. She has to have a marketing mindset and think about the way she markets herself, and creates her compcard and headshot. A lot of being a model and working in the entertainment business is like working in the advertising business you have to know how to put together a portfolio, compcard, and resume that best represents you.

#3. Although modeling is about holding a pose and using your look, and self to represent a brands image and the concept for an ad campaign, it also involves being perceptive and knowing how to relate a concept to yourself and make the shot, pose, theme for the shot look natural.

#4 It is important to know how to get the job done but also not forget that you as a person should not ONLY be defined by one thing. And modeling should not be the only one thing that you want to be and that defines you.

If you do not have a marketing ability and you are not confident then you should re-think modeling. Today modeling when you are a shorter girl really has a lot to do with smart, savvy and realistic self promotion. Putting together your marketing materials and making what you want to happen to happen by research, persistance and trying. There is a big difference between a girl "wanting to be seen and call herself a model," and "being one."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hand Modeling and working with Products

The other day I had a shoot with a shoe brand, shoe modeling for their Spring 09 ad campaign, but it didn't just involve my feet it also involved my hands. I did some technical hand modeling showing off the shoe, holding it in my hand and featuring the comfy sole of the shoe for the shot. Shoe modeling and leg modeling can also involve hands and arms, so a model should also be aware at jobs and castings to prep those parts as well and keep them looking nice and ready for the job.

Here in this video I feature one of my favorite beauty products Lush's Lemony Flutter, I use it on my hands before my jobs and basically daily for soft hands and feet. Sometimes I even put it on my lips.

How do I get a modeling agent? -Advice for Modeling

Here are 5 ways you can better market yourself to modeling agencies, it is based on my radio show segment on Model Talk Radio called "Marketing Yourself as a Model" and you can listen to the segment here. And this is what I covered:

1. Choose photographers wisely, the better people you work with the better your photos will be. Speak up about what you need to photographers to get the shots you need. Analyze the photographers work, and ask yourself, “Is this photographer credible, and as serious as I am?” There are too many guys with cameras out there, (sadly) and it is best to stick to the professional photographers. Even if it means a slower process to get images and get in front of the camera. It is better to have quality than quantity, and TFP and just focusing on being paid by some amateur photographer WILL NOT get you in front of an agent with the right photos. You want to take control, suggest ideas to photographers and be more involved with getting what you need to really get modeling.

2. Create great marketing material. You don’t need an agent to make a comp card and you will be glad you made one. Did you know that actually a compcard can HELP to you get a modeling agency? Getting a modeling agency and submitting to one, means submitting your own compcard. It is best to also control your own pursuits and have a business sense to understand how to create a compcard and how to market yourself with one. For more on that see this other post I wrote here on compcard marketing.

3. Don’t be afraid of your own mailings and submissions to magazine editors and agencies. Don’t be afraid to mail a magazine, and a photo editor for more on that see this Youtube video I made on How to Submit to a Magazine here.

4. Approach some local brands, salons, and ad agencies. Get a tearsheet and have a better shot at getting an agent. Working with aspiring brands can mean experience, exposure and a tearsheet, which all can impress a print modeling agency. It is better to submit to an agency some experience you have had, than nothing.

5. Be picky about the modeling work you do. I recently got a message from a girl who wanted some modeling advice and although she had a few tear sheets, none of them were that impressive. Meaning that none of them were helpful when it came to her other modeling goals. And showing them could even turn someone off. Don’t accept or submit to just any old modeling job, ask yourself. How will this job affect the other jobs I want to get? Aim higher, want bigger things and don’t settle just to call yourself a model, really strive to get honest and legit modeling work, that is what makes you a model.

Taking a chance on yourself is such a big thing when it comes to doing anything you want to accomplish. Trying is such a big thing and it starts with just taking the chance and putting yourself out there and doing it in the right ways.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Modeling and Modeling Agents- who does the work?

Many people I work with, stylist, makeup artists, photographers, have worked with top models from top agencies.
When the topic of a model marketing herself comes up, our perceptions can be very different.

Many people in the industry who are established and have a fashion model perspective do not understand the "model marketing themselves thing." Their reply when I say how I market myself and how I got everything myself and how to this day I market myself, even though I do work with great agencies, is: "Doesn't the agency market models?"

"agencies direct the models and know how to market them."

Wrong. Not always.

MMmm. That is just not my story and THAT is the difference between the commercial print world/shorter model, and the fashion world.

TV might show that an agency is what a girl needs to be a model, but for a SHORTER girl it is more than just an agency. A commercial print modeling agency will not always direct you and plan out how they will market you, they will just take your compcards, and send them to their clients or let you know when there is a casting for you.

It is different than the fashion world.

A shorter girl will not be sat down and analyzed, in the commercial print modeling world, a shorter girl will do a lot of the marketing herself. This also means getting her photos together. Making a compcard. And promoting herself. To a new commercial print model an agent is just one step towards getting modeling work. To get the work you do have to understand that you will not be babied, sat down and a plan will not be made for you. The Agency and Model relationship is a business one. It is based on "being on time." Getting to a certain location," and sort of just naturally knowing what to do on the job or at the casting." Alot of becoming a model is figuring it out yourself, for the shorter girl. Maybe this is why you do not see a lot of shorter models out there. Instead they just flaunt their ass on the internet, well...if they want more, there is more opportunity out there, but they have to be willing to do the work, market themselves well, and be realistic with their goals, and have a strong, confident mindset.

Too short to Model? - No way!

Do you know how many times I was told "No." And told I can't model. Even after a modeling job recently with a top brand the makeup artist said to me, " models who are 5'6" and shorter do not work."

I just roll my eyes. There is plenty of work for a shorter girl. Yes being proportioned helps, and you will not be in the fashion world, but not being a tall Giraffe is not going to stop me from going after what I want.

I set realistic goals for myself. It's not like I am trying to walk the catwalk. But there is so much for a shorter girl to consider and chase:

Beauty modeling and parts modeling, and commercial print modeling is the area a shorter girl can work in.

She does need to understand it will be a challenge and that the modeling business is not what you might see on tv. One agent, might not help you get started, you will need to work with many, freelancing as a model. Working with commercial print modeling agencies and building your portfolio.

The more you chase realistic things, and legit agents, and modeling jobs, the more of a model you will be. Social sites will not cut it. You will not be a model because someone thinks your hot, modeling, really modeling, involves thinking about the business from a business mindset. If you let yourself believe you are not good enough for something, then you won't be. If you try, and chase what you want in a realistic way, you will most likely prove everyone wrong.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hand Modeling through the ages

At a casting after I revealed my ages I was once asked by the casting director,
" how old are hand models usually."

I figured they would be young, and said my age but recently at a modeling job I met another hand model and she was around 37 years old. It was inspiring.

Having soft suppy skin and an even skin tone and the "want" to use what you have to model can help you book work as a model through out the ages.

Shorter models can find modeling opportunities through hand modeling and should consider it. Especially if you are wondering how you can get an agent and book legit modeling work with great brands.

Beauty modeling and Parts Modeling

Two forms of modeling a shorter girl can do is parts modeling and beauty modeling. For beauty modeling a girl that has an attractive face and facial features, eyes, proportioned face, nice skin tone, and clear skin, can model for makeup, skincare, and hair care.

For parts modeling a girl that is shorter and proportioned can model her legs, feet, hands, and parts for ad campaigns, catalogs and editorials.

A model should have close ups of her face and also her parts, and she should also show a natural face and one with makeup on it. She should make a compcard that shows her self in a commercial way, think ads for Covergirl, and hair care brands.

A Parts model should have close ups of her hands, feet, legs, and the "parts" she has to offer the industry. They should be shot in a commercial way. Think ads for nailcare, pantyhose, shoes, sun tan lotion. Looking at ads helps you stylist your photos.

A shorter model can be ALOT more than just another ass showing internet model, but she does have to be realistic with herself. Set realistic goals, and be smart and it takes more than just ambition, it takes work, and she needs to be serious about her pursuits and really try to get representation from an agency to book work with brands and magazines.

A short model can work with great brands and magazines but she does have to understand that modeling is a tough thing no matter the area you pursue, a girl who wants to model needs to be confident and able to handle rejection. Modeling is a business of rejection daily. And a shorter model should not expect to be jet set or working every single day and be a supermodel. Although a shorter girl can find modeling opportunities, but it does take time, work and a lot of effort to start and build her portfolio and reputation.

Submit your photos to agencies that are commercial print or parts modeling agencies.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Put your Fine Art Nudes to Print

If you have done a photo shoot and wonder how you can get them into a magazine, here is an opportunity. I think it is great when a model takes it upon herself to get seen. Getting exposed in print still over-rides the internet, so if you have any fine art nude photos of yourself that you would like published, you should submit them to Nude Magazine's contest. You can read more about the contest here.

Take it upon yourself to get published, submit to magazine photo editors, and some contests like this one for Nude Magazine are not expensive and could lead to a tear sheet.

Don't Model if...

Modeling takes a lot of confidence, it is a business of No's and a tough one. Especially if you are expecting to be discovered and be jetset. This is just not how modeling is. Modeling for a shorter model involves doing a lot of the work ahead of time to get the agent, and when you have the agency it doesn't mean you will be workin every day and that the work is over. The work, research and trying continues, if not even more.

I suggest NOT modeling if:
1. You are wanting to model to just to show off or flash photos on Myspace( that is not modeling)
2. You are wanting to model just for your ego
3. You have low self esteem.
4. You are not driven to make your modeling goals happen for yourself

The Pre-Work of a Model Before the Modeling Agency

I believe if you want something you have to do the work, research and put in the time to make it happen.

A lot of girls want to model, but modeling has a lot to do with marketing and there is a lot involved with being a model, getting work, and working with agents. Getting work in print magazines, and working with top brands that everyone knows. For a shorter girl the Gucci type of ads and modeling should not be on the mind, the best way for a shorter girl to model is to think about lifestyle products and brands and to target, create and produce photos that best show her personality and that she has great energy and a welcoming friendly smile.

Then comes the marketing. You have to send your photos out to agencies first and really do some work ahead of time. How do you get a modeling agent? You have to mail them your photos, your smile, headshot, ect, and hope they call. How long might it take? Weeks. After a month if you don't hear back I would keep hustling, keep working on images. It could be your images, not YOU. So you should really keep trying to improve your headshots and remember a smile shot in the commercial print modeling world is what you need. Not a Vogued out fashion shot.

So if you do not have an agent maybe:
1. You are sending the wrong photos to the agents/agencies, that do NOT show what they want to see. A commercial print modeling agency, talent agency wants to see your smile.
2. Maybe you are not sending your photos to the right agencies. Are you only sending photos/compcard to fashion agencies? You should be sending them to print modeling agencies because in print there is usually a more flexible height requirement and girls of a shorter height can find modeling acceptance here.
3. Really trying. I believe if you want something you have to do the work, research and put in the time to make it happen. With that said, remember that one modeling submission to an agency, or agencies is not enough. You might need to make more than one submission and you should.

Believe in the power of you. Take it upon yourself to make what you want to happen and be smart about it. A lot of modeling has to do with marketing. How you present yourself and how much you want something.