Monday, November 17, 2008

What is a Compcard -Modeling Tips

A girl on Myspace recently wrote me and said, "I'm pretty new to the terminology so I'm not to sure what a compcard or a tearsheet is, but I'll look into that."

So here is the answer I wrote her back about the basics of what a modeling compcard is and a tearsheet.

A compcard is a marketing tool for models and agents. It is a mini portfolio showcasing in a few photos what you can do as a model. A compcard is printed on a 5 by 7 inch heavy stock paper/ like a light cardboard. It is printed to show a headshot or beauty shot on the front, and on the back it has 2-4 images depending on how you want to present yourself as a model. I have two compcards, one for commercial print modeling with photos that express my personality and lifestyle look, and then I have a parts card for parts modeling that show my 'parts-hands, feet, legs, stomach, ect' in an editorial way. The compcard is meant as a marketing tool for you to mail agents or magazines your photos, and agencies also welcome you to send them your compcard and if they are interested in yuo, then they will ask for some more cards which they will mail to their clients and hopefully you will book a job.

More on submitting to a modeling agency with your compcard can be found here.

It is normal for the model to make her own compcards and I suggest she does this and mails them to agencies. Do not rely on the agency to make a compcard for you and sometimes you can get ripped off this way. It is best to have your own compcards and more on that can be found here.

Remember to always control YOU! And to be incontrol of your pursuits you have to be able to market yourself. It is great to have an agent, but an agent is not the end all these days, it is alot about YOU and your own marketing and self promotion, and you need a compcard to do that.

Examples of different types of compcards can be found here.

A tear sheet is what it sounds like, you rip, or tear the magazine editorial -that features you,- out of the magazine, and put it in your modeling portfolio. Or add the photo to your compcard.

A tear sheet is the credit, or proof, that you have gotten exposed in a print publication, magazine, advertising, or catalog. Yes these days, it could be online in the form of a product or retailers website such as or

If you do get a modeling job for an online retailer, you should freeze the screen and copy it, by pressing "print screen" on your keyboard, then open Photoshop, and click "File" and scroll to first icon and hit "new". Then click the curser on the new document and click paste and the image you want from the website should appear and you can crop it and resize it.

Hope this makes sense.

Here is also headshot and resume tips here.

Compcard printing suggestions:

Tips for making a compcard can be found here.

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