Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parts Modeling Tear Sheet Tips for - is that my leg?

Petite models can find modeling success and great modeling jobs through parts modeling. Yet when it comes to collecting your tearsheets: "Do you know your body?"

I mean, know it like you could tell your ass, legs, hands, lips, foot, from another?

Knowing your body sure does come in handy when it comes to finding your tear sheets as a body parts model. Enclosed are some modeling tearsheets I have gained that involved "knowing my parts."

I have to sometimes recognize my kneecap, a beauty mark, the side of my foot, and how long my nails were that day.

It helps to also remember what were wearing the day of the shoot, even if it was a necklaces, pair of shoes, or for a legs shot, what did the bottom of the dress you wore look like?

Remember what you held, or where you stood, the props used is important, -even knowing, remembering what the background of the shot might have been is important for discovering your tearsheets.

For a job that involved underwear modeling I had kept my ring on, so when the online catalog was up, I noticed my ring, and knew it was me, my lower body, -you can see above in the image.

Also it is good to remember how you posed and positioned your hand, leg, body.

If possible ask for a Polaroid or printed shot from the day you did the shoot, to remember and keep handy what the pose looked like.

Very rare times are you told by your agent, "your tearsheet is out in the magazine today," usually you have to hunt for your modeling job tearsheets, and you have to discover them.

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