Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Older Models are Modeling alot

Just look in a Redbook magazine or take a browse through the lifestyle, tech, gold, travel, fitness, or craft magazines and you will find that many older models, between the ages of 35-60 are modeling.

The family is in. And adult models are finding work with brands such as Dirt Devil, Advil, airlines, home goods, resort ads, travel ads, golf, and ads that involve families. Kodak, pet supplies brands, and lenscrafters all have used older models.

Women can find modeling work within brands involving: Skincare, handbags, home goods, technology,cell phones, hair care, shoes, wedding magazines, jewelry, family ads, suits and so much more -everything from Tampons to tic tacs.

Men can find modeling work within brands involving: business products, suits, glasses, family ads, car ads, technology, shoes, shaving, haircare, clothing, sportswear, and everything from Staples, to Lowes and so much more.

Enjoy this segment on Model Talk Radio on how Older Models are Demands, and I hope my tips and advice on how an older person can start modeling and how a younger model today can prepare for modeling throughout the ages here:

When it comes to creating photos remember that natural is best, even taking a shot with your own kids can be a good one for your compcard. And for females remember, being a model doesn't mean trying to be sexier or younger than you need to act,-put on a suit, a dress, or even just some casual jeans,- and skip the glamour modeling stuff. A commercial print modeling agency is your focus and you want to show photos that show your personality, your energy and approachable look.

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