Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Fashion Modeling Advice for the Short girl

So maybe for the fashion model types 5'8" and over, you will have your portfolio taken care of and have a more crafted experience as a model, but if you are under 5'8", if you are not a fashion model, it is up to you to make your portfolio, to make your compcard and to market yourself.

Being discovered at the model is not a short girl scene. Not by anyone legit anyways. No legit agencies for commercial print modeling, lifestyle modeling will be at the mall. Maybe higher end agencies, that have scouts will. But for the short girl, really it is up to you.

Many girls make the mistake of thinking the agency will handle everything, or end up paying for modeling schools, or paying to be a model, and it is really messed up.

The perception of modeling for a short girl should be:

1. Are you too fashion or too sexy? Lifestyle and energy shots, think about ads you see for everything from HSBC band ads, to hair care ads, Dove, ect. So it is best to show the agency you can model products, skip the glamour shots, and represent a brand or service. This is the type of modeling for short girls, it is called commercial print modeling. It might sound boring but the photos you need are very simple, smiling, laughing, being yourself, sort of like what you see in a Marie Claire or Glamour magazine.

2. Are you not approaching the right agencies? There are modeling agencies out there for short models, but it is called print modeling. And you should mail headshots and photos to these types of agencies. Don't waste your time with fashion agencies, or posing like a fashion model, it won't get you anywhere.

3. Are you really working at it or just sort of? If you photos are good, you can get an agent. If you work hard you can get an agent. Working hard is a big part of it. If you are wasting your time a social modeling internet site, then you need to wake up and start to plan out some ideas for modeling goals. It helps a short model to have some experience before approaching agencies, having some experience means that you have gotten a tearsheet in a magazine, have worked with a brand, big or aspiring. Sort of like any professional, if you want to work with the best companies you have to prove you can.

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