Saturday, November 1, 2008

Models should know Photoshop - 4 basics for Models

Yes models should know Photoshop. Being a model means also taking on other skills besides posing. Aspiring models, especially the shorter girls out there who are not the proper height for fashion modeling, should learn photoshop, -especially during their hustling to get their own tearsheets from magazines. You can also save money by doing things yourself.

Resizing Photos, When you get a Cd of images from a photo shoot, make sure you make the photos email size, in Photoshop you Click file size, it is best to make an email file between 4inches and 7inches, bigger is ok, but it can clog up email boxes. Keeping it under 150K is best.

72 dpi Photo: This is correct the pixil resolution for emails and web images. To adjust an image on a CD, open the image in Photoshop, and on the top bar click Image, then click Image Size and you will see a box pop up. You will see Pixel Dimensions, and also document, focus on the Document size and change the resolution of the photo to 72.

This is good size for emailing the photos, or if your modeling agency asks for an email sized photo, this is a good size for web images, with a resolution of 72, also know as 72 dpi.

300 dpi photo: This is the size for print. If you are making a compcard or headshot you want the image at 300 dpi. This is what magazines want for printing resolution, so if you ever get an email from a magazine editor asking for a photo of you in 300dpi, it means in a large jpeg file, or a Tiff file that is 300dpi in size and pixel.

Width and Height of a photo: To change the width and height of a photo you go to Image Size, then change the inches that you would like. Usually a photo 5 by 7 inches if good for an emailed image, at 72 Dpi. This will make the image 150KB, which is a good size for sending an email. If the image is for print,it will be alot bigger, -more like 3.4MB.

Also it is important to know how to change a color photo to Black and White:

Make B&W Images/Photos: To turn a photo from color to black and white, open Photoshop, open the image, and then click Image, then click Mode and click Gayscale. That should give you a good black and white image.

Cropping Images: To crop an image, go to the tools icon and click the icon that looks like a square stitching marks it's the shape tool for cropping an image- it is called the Rectangle marquee tool. I use this to crop images. Then put the select arrow on the image you want to crop and drag.
You can crop full size body shots into even headshots. See the images above as samples.

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