Saturday, November 1, 2008

Models and the Recession - Marketing Yourself

Gawker recently posted on my thoughts on the Recession here:

Here are some tips on modeling through out the recession:

1.Be aggressive, just because the economy is spinning downward doesn’t mean you can’t get modeling work. My agent recently contacted me about modeling on a Saturday or Sunday for a job with a top fashion magazine, -so while many companies might be not spending as much on marketing, there is still modeling work out there. This leads me to #2.

2.Being available right now is key! The more available you are the better. Being available can mean booking a job or not booking it.

3.Keep your mailings going, keep your persistence, and keep pushing to promote your own marketing materials. Get a new compcard, fresh up your resume; submit your headshot out to casting directors and modeling agencies and the photo editors at magazines. Set some goals. Buy some stamps and keep your submissions rolling.

When building your portfolio: Focus on the quality of the work you are doing.

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