Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Modeling tips on Understanding where your fit as a model

A girl recently contacted me about modeling and told her height (5'3") and I wrote her back asking her what she wants to model? She wrote me back a list of magazines that interested her. My reply back was based on how "the magazines we read, like, and want to be in, may not be the magazines that are the right fit for us as models."

Parts of my email back included "..being petite, under 5'7" means you need to think of magazines such as Glamour, Marie Claire, Redbook, more lifestyle like, you need to focus on magazines off types Knitting, golf, fitness, ect."

Sometimes the modeling you are best for, is not the magazine you read and like.

Before a girl should have hopes and wants to be a model she should understand what her realistic options are.

And editor at Vogue or a fashion related magazine usually will not ask for a petite model, or a girl who is under 5'7". Fashion magazines, while I love reading them, I do not plan to ever be in them modeling, unless it is for parts or a feature on my book or story. Fashion magazines might be open to different ethnicities of models, but not height...usually.

To want to be a model it is best to know how you should approach the business, agents, and market yourself.

If you are 5'4" 5'3" 5'2" or 5'1" or five foot or shorter, your modeling pursuits will have to be based on commercial print modeling or parts modeling. You will find more success trying to use what you DO have than trying to conform to what a fashion world/ agency wants you to be which you will won't be unless you get leg extensions
or something.

Seriously, if you are petite, "My advice. When it comes to an agency forget fashion, and focus on lifestyle modeling,commercial print modeling. You will get more work, make more money and model longer. And there is not opportunity unfortuantly for a short girl in the fashion world. You can model handbags, accessories and jewerly, shoes though. But you need a commercial print modeling agency. So get photos of yourself using those items. And focus on a headshot and beauty shot...not much fashion poses and makeup involved. Use your personality and energy, smile and spunk to get an agent. Stick to commercial print modeling agencies. Also consider Parts modeling."

Yes of course if you work with talented photographers and those who do submit to magazines you might be able to get exposed in some fashiony, trendy magazines perhaps, and I do suggest trying to get some tearsheets on your own as new model with local magazines in your town or near by city, but it takes a lot of will, the right ambition, the right photos, photographer, and plan to get that done.

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