Monday, November 10, 2008

Modeling for brands that grow

I shoe modeled for a shoe show for White Mountain a couple summers ago and the brand was introducing another brand called Rialto shoes, at the time the brand was just starting out and I was one of the first people to wear the shoes.

As a shoe model your foot goes in and out of shoes all day and you might even do technical shoe work and be asked questions to how the shoe fits and if you like the shoe.

It was fun working with Rialto because the man who designed the line was working aside you and he really cared about the shoes and you could tell it was a brand he wanted to take off.

Well I liked the Rialto shoes alot and the price point was under $40 and seemed really reasonable for all the gem stones and pretty details involved in the shoe.

It looked more expensive.

I wondered if I would end up seeing it in stores one day.

I recently read an article about the brand recently in Footwear News and they have really expanded and grown. I was so proud of the brand and the designer.

I remember I found this shoe modeling job for White Mountain on my own, and it paid well and the whole shoe show went well. It is a cool feeling to model for a brand and see that it has grown.

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