Thursday, November 20, 2008

Modeling Advice for self promotion

Recently on Model Talk Radio I spoke with Robert Milazzo about his photography but I also spoke to him about self promotion. About how models should contact photographers, better photographers, professional photographers and remember, 'it isn't just about who wants to shoot you, it is about you approaching photographers that YOU want to work with.' It is possible to get good photos and not have to pay for it, many photographers test. And it is normal, typical and welcomed to approach photographers about a test but here is some tips on how to do it:

1. Bring a resource or idea. In the interview with Robert he mentioned how if a model brings an idea to him, has a location, or styling, or can help with getting a makeup artist, he finds it intriguing. As do other photographers. You do not have to settle for crappy photos from people who do not know how to work a camera, you can work with a professional but you should bring some ideas to the table, don't just say, " I want to shoot."

2. State the photos you need and stick to a plan. Planning ahead brings a better photo sometimes. Suggest some ideas for styling and think about the shots that will benefit for your portfolio. You would be surprised how many aspiring models do not have a decent headshot or close up and this is an important shot.

3. Do submit the photos to agencies after the shoot. Maybe the photographer can suggest a few. Do make a compcard and don't over touch up your photos. The more mailings you do the more of a chance you are giving yourself.

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