Friday, November 14, 2008

Modeling Scams - is this a scam?

I just received this shaddy email today from a Model Scam. Out of the blue.

I feel for girls who might fall for this crap. Ok, now of course I know this a scam and I have no idea how they got my email. But here are some reasons why this is a scam incase you get an email like this:

1. The person didn't even leave there name, she just said Miss Wright.
2. When the agency name is Googled + scam, they are a scam
3. A choice to meet the agency was a Saturday. And although I have done modeling jobs for top magazines on a weekend, it is rare, and most agencies will not call you on a weekend or want to meet with you on a weekend day.
4. She did not mention anything about the agency. She did not mention what division she thought I would be good for, besides that I have an "interesting look" (lol).
5. Legit agencies will call you. And set up a time to meet you during the week. Or they will not meet you at all and just send you on a casting. They do not waste time with emails and give you a million choices of days and times to meet with them.
6. There are legit agencies out there, but please do your research.
7. Real modeling agencies do not need Testimonials on their website.
8. Real modeling agencies do not force you to take photos with their photographer.

If you are an aspiring model. Do your homework, -do not be so desperate to be a model you waste time and money with scams. There are real agencies out there. Lifestyle, print modeling agencies that have good histories and credibility.

As for these scams I do not know how people like this can sleep at night!

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Lisa said...

Was there any typo and grammatical errors in the e-mail? If there are, then it's another sign of a scam.