Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Model can get in magazines on their own

Something that aspiring models should do is to pitch themselves to magazines, not fashion ones, I am talking lifestyle ones, local ones, niche ones, and to work with photographer's who are seeking published work too.

You can submit to the photo editors or there is another option:

You can notice the photographers name's who shoot for the magazine and try to get in touch with them. Or you and a photographer could work together to produce some shots that might make a good editorial for a magazine.

When creating the editorial shots yourself to submit, you should try to work with a photographer who is driven and also good at promotion. A few photographers over the years have helped me get some great tearsheets. Together we shot, planned and submitted, and a sample of the tearsheets is above.

I have even helped photographers get tearsheets as well, and it comes down to shooting something that is fitting for the magazine. Knowing the magazine. And an amvitious photographer will know how to the photos should look and together you should plan a submission. You submission should be appealing but not TOO fashiony. The fashion magazines want everythingly highly styled which can be hard for just a model and photographer to pull off, so it is best to submit to a magazine that is NOT over the top fashion, maybe a local magazine, to build your portfolio.

A magazine that might like a story on local jewerly designers, or aspiring designers, and pull the items you need from the designers or stores, and then decide on the story you want to tell within the photos.

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