Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to start modeling answer by Isobella Jade

A girl on Myspace recently asked me, "Hi..i was just wondering how did u get in the business with your height! Im 5'0ft and 18 years old and i really want to model. If you could help me out on information I would really apprreciate it"

My Answer:
I got agencies and started working by knowing how to market myself in ways that would benefit me. I said goodbye to fashion and focused on what I could actually do as a model.

Many girls want the quick fix of feeling hot and start showing off photos on the internet and wasting time really with amatuer things instead of thinking of brands, magazines and their real chances of modeling.

(Modeling is when you model with a brand, not when you just show a photo on a social site.)

I started to craft and create my photos carefully, and by being pickier of who I work with. I started only wanting to work with photographers who were driven ,serious, professionals, full time photos, I started approaching them. Bringing ideas to the table. My first tearsheet in Woman's world magazine came by working with a photographer who had them as a client. And when a model was needed I was available. This job didn't pay. But it isn't about the money when you start modeling, it is about building your portfolio, tearsheets and experience.

So instead of what I couldn't model, I started thinking about brands I wanted to model for and could in deed model for. There is more to modeling than fashion. Think of everything from jewerly, to tampons, to haircare, to parts modeling. Modeling is so many things.

My first modeling job with an agency was shoe modeling for Brown shoe, showroom shoe modeling, I got that job by putting together a compcard and mailing it to a commercial print modeling agency in NYC called Flaunt models, and I learned that by having a size six shoe I had the right shoe modeling shoe size.

I got sent to a casting by an agency, fit the shoe, and got the job. From there I started wanting more and approaching more commercial print modeling agencies in NYC, and it lead me to this day where I am modeling with top brands such as Marshalls, Victoria's Secret, Bon Appetit Magazine, Nylon, and many more.

It really does take work. It takes being aggressive, it takes massive mailings. 2 years ago I started working with an agency I always wanted to work with Cunningham Escott, it took about four years to work with them, of submitting cards and headshots, over and over. Staying busy, updating my portfolio, and resume and trying again.

It helps to also be ambitious and to submit your snap shots to magazines photo editors too, I got some of my own tearsheets this way as well. All which help to intrigue an agent. An agent is more likely to work with a shorter girl if she shows she has some experience, tearsheets, and is ambitious.

It helps to have a nice headshot and smile shot, you can actually go further with getting an agent and find more opportunity but putting away the overly sexy shots and focusing on the energy and smiling and lifestyle shots when it comes to getting an agent. No agent cars that you were Hot girl of the week on a website.

Commercial print modeling agencies work with models of all heights. You just need to find some and there are ALOT out there. Also in NYC you can pick up a Ross Reports it has a list of casting directors, agencies, agents, to mail your headshot to.

So when you ask how did I start modeling? It is not a simple answer. It took years, and time and effort, and I am on hold right now for a modeling job on Monday with a cooking magazine to hand model. So see, there is modeling work out there, but to me being a model means being able to model many things. I am not a nude model, a lingerie model, a print model, a parts model. I am all and much more of a model. Whether it is my hand or full body, or smile. I can model it. So you just have to market yourself in the areas that will get you in the door to agencies. And you have to get the photos you need to speak and represent the type of modeling you can do. If I wanted to model for something, I had to create the photo, make the compcard and mail it out, proving I could to the eyes that view the card.

I will admit, Parts modeling helped me alot.When I couldn't get into fashion agencies, I realized could do parts modeling and commercial print modeling.

And having shots that show my personality, and if they show my body I try to make them in a commercial or editorial style.

It all comes down to what you want, and how hard you are willing to work to make it happen. At the end of the day you are your own agent, so you have to treat the business like a marketing tool.

Isobella jade

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