Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Hair styles w/ Bill Schrlau

So if you are thinking of new ways to do your hair consider this insight from stylist Bill Schrlau who says,

"We are coming up on the holidays and keeping it simple and easy to do as well as inexpensive is the way to go.

Ponytail updo- using 6 bobby pins and a elastic hair band- rubber band. Put the hair into a ponytail, mid to low, not high. Use one section of hair to wrap around the hair elastic to hide it, secure with bobby pin. Curl the hair in the ponytail. Then take the curls and secure them at the base of the ponytail, making sure to twist the hair around the bobby pin to secure them. Touch-up with spray & you have a holiday hair style. Practice, practice, practice."

For more on Bill's work and fantastic hair styling tips see his website and he also has a radio show here:

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