Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Founder of LUSH is an author too

Did you know you can tell a birds sex and age from the way it sings?

Did you know that LUSH cosmetics was founded by husband and wife, Mark and Mo Constantine?

Did you know that Mark is also an author?

Right now my favorite product is Lush's Lemony Flutter and I find it a perfect item for my hands, considering my body part modeling jobs, and also just for every day use. Perfect also for this time year and anytime.

I was excited when I learned that Mark Constantine has a book. It is called The Sound Approach to Birding. And he also has launched his own publishing company as well. It is called The Sound Approach.

The book was written by Mark over a period of seventeen years, with help from various friends, and was published in 2006 by The Sound Approach, the independent publishing company he set up. He thought it would be more fun to set up his own publishing company and explore the publishing industry, and he was definitely right!

His first book is a whole new approach to using bird sounds to not only identify birds, but to discover their age and sex as well.

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