Monday, November 24, 2008

Do Photographers ever work for an agency, or are they pretty much self-employed?

Yes Photographers do work with agencies. Some agencies can suggest photographers that you work with, but that doesn’t mean you pay the agency upfront, it means YOU approach the photographer and set up a shoot yourself. Then report back to the agency with your compcards and photos. The commercial print modeling world is different than what you see on TV. It is VERY different. It is A LOT more self serving.

But that doesn’t mean you have to work with the agency photographer. I have approached and found my own photographers too. For tips on approaching professional photographers, listen to this segment of Model Talk with photographer Robert Milazzo:

You should try to ONLY work with full time professional photographers. Photographers that take the craft of photographer seriously. Photographers that do photography full time.

A professional photographer will have quality credits; he will have worked with brands, magazines, and have a client list. A professional photographer will want to bring out the best in you, not just shoot you for his own interests. A professional photographer will ask you. What do you need…not “tell you what he/she needs”

The modeling business for the short girl is one based on your own self promotion, and you have to do a lot of work, creatively and productively to get an agent, and get modeling work. You are not looking for just any old agency; you are looking for one that works for you. And what YOU can offer the industry. For some models that are shorter it means shoe modeling, body part modeling, hand modeling, print modeling, pursuing commercials, and beauty. To start modeling it really does involve thinking about what YOU can offer the industry, and understanding that modeling is not just Fashion and for a short girl, it won’t be.

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