Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Being Half Naked on TV

Today I got a booking for a semi-nude feature on a TV series, it is featured background work, I am excited about, and it makes me think about the topic of nudity and how it is NOT a bad thing.

Nudity doesn't always imply slut, even if you are portraying a prostitute or stripper in the TV show, film, or stage. Think of Sin City, and Jessica Alba, Ms. Alba is not an erotic dancer, but she portrayed one in Sin City. I think if you are working on a professional set, with disquished directors, and for a Tv series or film that is well-done, it is worth it to show some skin for the right part.

I do think it is all about what you do AFTER the part, if you only stick to sexy roles or jobs you will limit your opportunities, you have to stay well-rounded, diverse and able, at all times.

I think having two headshots might help an actress that is diverse. One that has a sexier vibe, and one that has a WB more girl next door, smiles, vibe.

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