Tuesday, November 18, 2008

$5 hair cut- how to pay less for a haircut

Need a refreshment for your hair? Need a new look? Want to clean up your hair style?

Today I got bangs for just $5, no joke! I felt that I spoiled the stylist with a 3 dollar tip! But I mean I felt kinda weird giving her a ten and then getting change back, after getting fantastic new bangs. Well it is possible to save money and look great, refresh and up date your look and not go broke. Here are some tips:

1. Don't go to the most expensive salon if you just need a trim, or something that will enhance your look, like bangs, or layers.

2. When you get there state only what you need, today I said, " I need just bangs cut," I didn't mention a blow out, or shampoo, or hair cut, I just said, "bangs".

3. Same if you just need a trim, just say, I need a trim. Or "I want a few more layers", or "I want to fresh up my layers."

You can save between $10-30 by doing this. You will be shocked at the price cut!

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