Thursday, October 30, 2008

Modeling in Magazines and Modeling Agency tips

An ethnic model on the West Coast recently asked me, Do you think I should tackle the magazines first or the agents?

I think you should make a compcard and mail it to both magazine and agents. Same time. Keep the hustle on. I think it is a benefit if you could get one or two or three tearsheets before you approach an agency/get an agent, because having the tearsheets can tell the agent a couple things:

1. You have experience
2. You have been in a professional modeling atmosphere
3. That you are ambitious

All things agencies like. I think you should mail magazines that are local, and also magazines like , Glamour, Marie Claire, Latina, Heart and Soul ect. And the weekly magazines like Women's World that you find at the grocery store lines. Lifestyle woman's magazines, hair magazines, but also don't forget other niche magazines, even knitting magazines,need models! Find out if any magazines are based near you as well. Spend an hour or so at Barnes and Noble and Borders and look through some magazines and mail them.

In the magazines you can also find out who the photographers are, art directors art, and who is the bookings editor and photo editor. All good choices of people to mail your compcard to. Be professional and mail a compcard, with your name and phone number, no need to send them to a website, or email. Phone number is always best. Hope this helps!

Isobella Jade

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