Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting Modeling Agency Check List

Here is a check list when meeting a modeling agency for the first time, this video will show you what to wear or see post below:

1. Bring your compcard and photo that you sent orignally to the agency, also bring a headshot, portfolio, resume or any photos you have that you might want to show. The agent might ask to see other photos so it is best to be prepared.

2. Listen to what the agency is saying and you can tell if the agency is legit or BS, are they only listing your flaws?(SCAM) Are they helping you? or being too pushy? (SCAM) Are they asking for money upfront? (SCAM.)

3. Legit successful commercial print modeling agencies will at least take the photos you give them in the meeting and suggest helpful hints to get better photos or tell you what they like and what you should work on. Also you could ask if they know any photographers that test or who you could work with.

4. The meeting will be about 10-15 minutes long. So prepare ahead of time some questions you want to ask. Such as:
A. What kind of jobs have you recently booked your models?
B. What do you like or don't like about my photos? Are there any photos I could work on for you?

If they told you to work on something:
Sometimes an agency will tell you what to work on, and it doesn't mean they aren't interested but get on it! And get them the images they need. Follow up with a mailing to the agent with your new pictures or email, or call them once you have the images they need.

If they haven't Called:
Keep in touch with your agents, if they haven't called it doesn't mean they are not interested, it just means you might want to update your images and send them a new card, let them know you are busy, so go to and prepare a new compcard, it might not be working but it doesn't mean the agency doesn't want to work with you. Throughout my pursuits as a model I have updated my cards very often, and test out 30-50 cards and then re-order what is working. Don't call and ask why they haven't called, instead share with the agents you new compcard and share some exciting things you have been up too.

One agent or more?:
As a new commercial model you should be freelancing with many agencies not just one:
Because an agent might not call you every single day or as much as you hope, which is why you should freelance with a few commercial print modeling agencies. It is typical in the commercial print modeling world. Do not sign an exclusive contract unless you feel the agency has been working you ALOT and has been proving that you are a good match. But usually if you are a new commercial print model, you should freelance and build a portfolio of modeling credits, tearsheets first.

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