Friday, October 3, 2008

Improve Your Model Marketing- for the small town girls

I have been thinking, what if you are a petite model or a model of any height in a small town? Well it sure is harder. I mean modeling is a competitive pursuit regardless of where you live but in a small town a girl can feel limited. Here are some ways you can extend your modeling marketing and maybe even get a gig with a brand, product, and for something legit, even if you don't have a modeling agency...yet.

Yet, is an important word, it means you are progressing towards something bigger. And to get there you need to market yourself. If you want to be a model and you are not 5'10" and you do not get a response from a modeling open call and the agencies in your town just are not calling you....yet....then you need to work on yourself and your presentation.

Your presentation of photos is what is going to interest an agent, or agency, so you need to make sure you have quality photos, photos that show your energy and personality because as a shorter girl, commercial print modeling is your key, and that is modeling with your energy and personality. Not your Vogue stance or headcock. So the first thing is to find some quality photographers, and it might sound old school but even try the Yellow pages, legit photographers do not have social sites and they are professional. Asking for a test shoot is a good idea, or explaining the money you do have, your seriousness and if you can perhaps get a nice headshot from the photographer with your budget. It is worth a try.

Many girls only think the web is the only way they will find a photographer and it is truly the WRONG way usually.  Even consider your yellow pages, find professional photographers with professional photography buisnesses. Ask yourself. Does this photographer have a credible portfolio, have they been hired to shoot for a brand or magazine/ would their work appeal to a print modeling agency?

I suggest going to tradeshows or events where aspiring designers mingle and sell. You should attend with a headshot or some photos and perhaps you can model for the designer.

To intrigue an agent it is important to show you are marketable, to show you have some experience and sometimes you have to make an effort to make this happen. You have to approach aspiring designers and brands and try to get some work yourself, maybe you won't be paid big bucks, but showing you CAN model is important.

I would also contact marketing companies, especially in small towns, ad agencies, newspapers, magazines that are locally based,-they might need models. See, you can put your headshot to use even in your hometown.

Your modeling shouldn't be hits and clicks, it should be active and in person. You do not have to rely on the web just to "call" yourself a model. You can get modeling work if you are savvy and smart and think about marketing yourself.

Think to yourself, " How can I get this agency or agent, to want to work with me?"
Well...most likely you are not showing that you can model with the type of clients they have. And your photos are not showing you in a proper way, and you are not marketing yourself correctly.

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