Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to Submit to a Modeling Agency tips

Plain and simple no matter what type of modeling you are interested in, to skip the BS and the mess, you need to work with professionals and agencies that are respected. It isn't just "having an agency" it is "having a respected one."

To get a really good agency working with you, it will take work and you should be prepared for the truth of working with modeling agencies. Recently I did a segment on Model Talk on tips for knowing if an agency is scamming you. Although agencies that scout talent, that put out castings are the ones you should watch out for. Legit agencies do not scout talent, the talent comes to them. Why? Because real agents do not have time for scouting and standing in the street or mall all day, their phone is ringing and they have bookings to attend to. Also an agency will know you are serious if you come to them, verse them trying to convince you that you should model. I am speaking from a present day term. And standard. I am not talking about the 70's and 80's and what happened in the 90's in the streets of Paris, or London, or in small country town in the US, I am talking about today. Today the modeling world has broken into two worlds:

The professional and the amateur worlds. It is sick that the amateur world is even a world but it is one and it is a terrible one. (Especially for a girl who is serious about modeling) If you are serious stick to the serious side of modeling.
Get a headshot, focus on your strengths, and get a full body shot, in fitness clothing or a shot similar to a catalog shot. And remember for commercial print modeling, the more personality, and the less slutty the better. You only want to show the natural you. Not the boring you, or the overly sexy you.

Submitting to an agency involves these things:
A smile shot, headshot, or beauty shot. An energy shot, a shot of you doing something, in action, running, laughing, fixing your shoe, doing your makeup, showing that you can work with products.

How to get these shots: Notice ads and editorials that involve girls doing something, and modeling something. Shoes, handbags, hair, jewelry. Think of the girls on the hair color boxes. Fresh face. Pretty. Confident. Monkey see, monkey do, I learn from example and seeing something and thinking " I could do that."

Don't expect the photographer to have all the ideas. When shooting look for quality in the photographers work, know the difference between some amateur jerk and a real photographer. A professional. Come with ideas and come with a plan. Don't just say, "I want to shoot." Think about what you want to model, and what modeling really is. It involves more than just you and your silly grin and sticking your butt out. Modeling involves thinking of products you can model for and brands. It takes more than just any random camera and any random person to hold it.

Agencies want to see that you can work with products and they want to see it bluntly. So remember:

-Simple backgrounds, nothing crazy going on in the background.
-Easy on the makeup, just some powder, mascara and chap-stick or a light lipstick, nothing too bold.
-Practice in the mirror to get your natural smile right. Trying to hard makes the shots look corny and cheesy.
-Outfits should be simple too. Nothing drastic or too fashiony. Just simple. Solid colors. Red dress. Jeans, tank top, a suit.

Once you get the shots. Mail some 4x6 photos or make a compcard. Making a compcard is best. I use www.compcard.com

Then mail to commercial print modeling agencies. Not email. I find submitting physical photos is a better way to introduce yourself to an agency.

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