Monday, October 27, 2008

Headshot and resume tips- printing on both sides

These days no staples are needed for a headshot. That was the old days.

You can just have your headshot with the resume printed on the back. I just ordered a patch of headshots, which will arrive this week, and I ordered my resume to be printed on the back of them. It does look and feel really slick. I remember going to Staples during my pursuits, when I was really broke, and using the Stapler at Staples to get my headshot together. Yet you can order right on the internet a headshot and resume printed on both sides, ready to be mailed.

Above is a jpeg of my resume and headshot. Printed on the back.

Remember when ordering headshots and compcard, make sure you see a proof first, a physical proof in your hand. Color can change from screen to when you see it in your hand.

I use

For advice on printing in NYC compcard for under $50 see this past article on Petitemodelingtips.

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