Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having Perfect Model Height - but what if your short?

Having the perfect Model Height means not as much to the commercial print model.

Yet typically legit modeling agencies will not say "looking for models of all heights and petite models," but there are agencies out there that do accept submissions and do work with models of all heights. So if you have never submit your photos in the mail to a commercial print modeling agency you should!

Also most legit modeling agencies do NOT put castings online and most I have seen on Craigslist are scams. To find the modeling agencies focus on the words, Commercial Print. Also when you do find an agency go to their website. If the agency has photos of the models they work with you can view them and see how tall they are, and also get inspired by the photos posted on how you should style your compcard.

After you get a compcard made or have some photos of your face, full body, and photos that show your smile, send them off to agencies.

*****don't tell me modeling isn't work********* cause it is.
***** don't tell me modeling is easy ***** it is a hustle.

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