Friday, October 24, 2008

Guys with cameras - Professional photographer and the Amateur

Do you know the difference between Amateur and Professional Photographers? These days with the internet and the title "Photographer" being thrown around it could be hard for a new model to know the difference between a guy with a camera who is just trying to get a date with a naive model, Nikon dating or something,- and a real photographer, so here are some tips.

Professional photographers are full time photographers. They are not bankers, or Doctors on the upper East Side.
People who do photography as their profession.
Profession as in that is how they make their income and photography is their career.
The photographer has some training, he has gone to a college for photography.
Real photographers have credits, they have editorial experience, they have ad campaign experience, they have a strong portfolio.
Real photographers will not mind if you bring a friend to a meeting when you meet them for the first time.
They respect the craft of photography, they know the camera, they love photography as an art.
Real photographers will not try to sleep with you or ask you to do something you do not want to do.
Professional photographers do not look for models or stalk models on social sites or model sites such as, Model Mayhem, or others. They just do not have time or the interest.
Real photographers only want to work with real models.


Of course there are exceptions but those are my opinions on what a real photographer is and the difference of Amateur and Professional Photographers. I respect the craft of photography and the profession of a professional photographer, but sadly the internet and some jerks, guys with camera, and the commercialized photography business has turned the respected profession sour. Same with the word "Model", saying you are a model these days, sort of means slut. And I hate it. I think of myself as more than a model, and being a naive and dumb model is not going to get a person somewhere, so it is best to be smart, be careful who you work with and strive to work with the best. And have big goals and aim higher than just being another Amateur model.

If you are serious about modeling and the photographer you are working with is not these things I have mentioned above then do not work with them.

It is important to know the difference. Ask yourself; are you just a muse, or a real model?

If you do not want to be an Amateur Model, then do not work with Amateur photographers.

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Michelle Marie said...

GWC's is what we like to call them down here in Houston! My favorite was this guy on myspace who emailed me asking if I wanted to shoot some "Glamour" with him. I emailed him back and told him to contact me when he had a professional studio to shoot in and when his changed his screen name because I wasn't interested in shooting with "Mark From The Dark" in his apartment bedroom in front of a black sheet on the wall!!